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Found 3584 Math tutors near me. Math tutoring



Marsha F.

from Reseda

2.5 miles away

(9 ratings)
Experienced Credentialed Teacher for both Children and Adults

Hi! My name is Marsha, and I graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Multiple Subjects Clear Teaching Credential and a major in

  • ... California State University - No...
  • ... Elementary Math + 13 more
  • in 1 hours


David L.

from Deerfield

3.1 miles away

(4 ratings)
Fun Elementary Science Teacher, 32+ Yrs. Experience Inspiring Students

Do you wish your child's/children's school had more hands-on science opportunities, or had science class more often? Could your child(ren) benefit fro... See more

  • ... National Louis University
  • ... Elementary Math + 3 more
  • in 2 hours
Michael Green

from Sherman Oaks

3.3 miles away

(3 ratings)
Attorney & K-12 Educator with over 14 years of tutoring experience.

After graduating from UCSB with double majors in Law & Society and Sociology, I moved to New York to teach in the nation's toughest schools through Te... See more

  • ... Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • ... Algebra 1 + 47 more
  • Very responsive
Richard H.

from Los Angeles

4.6 miles away

(1 ratings)
Univ. of Miss. Law Grad. w/ HS Teaching and 2 years of Tutoring Exp.

I love tutoring and have been working with students and adults alike for almost two years since i moved to LA. After graduating from the University of... See more

  • ... University of Mississippi
  • ... Algebra 1 + 18 more
  • in 2 hours
Alicia Carlisle

from Chicago

2.4 miles away

Not satisfied with your child's K-8 education?

Greetings Parents/Guardians,

I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Alicia and I am a ce... See more

  • ... University of Illinois at Urbana...
  • ... Common Core + 1 more
  • Very responsive
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Why You Need a Math Tutor

Math is the most common subject that students struggle with no matter what grade they are in. For most, it requires rigorous formulas and confusing equations they must solve. When math starts adding shapes and letters, several students start to find themselves having trouble with a subject that did not confuse before this was thrown into the mix. This information does not come intuitively it has to be taught. Math is also a subject that builds on previously taught concepts. Which means if a few key points were missed, or only learned enough to barely pass a class, it is very easy to become lost as it increasingly gets more difficult. Whether you like math or not, it is possible for you to be good at it and find success in your class. Hiring an in-person math tutor can be incredibly beneficial for you or your child’s education and life in general, as math is used in everyday life. An in-person tutor can break the content down into smaller more learnable parts and teach how to transfer the material to exams, homework, and other course materials.

Math gives us difficulties at all levels, and there is no shame in that fact. It is a challenging course that is meant to weed students out and make them think in ways they are not used to thinking. Although simple math skills are something that we will use almost daily, there are several math courses that we might never use outside of a classroom. Because of this, several students might zone out and not pay attention to anything that is going on in class. The material is already hard enough, and knowing that you will never have to use the information again is enough to make anyone tune out. However, this is still important material that is going to be needed to move forward in their education. When your child is struggling to learn this information it is usually because there are a few holes in their overall math skills that happened earlier on. To avoid this from happening to your child, you should get them math tutoring.

When you find a math tutor, you will find someone that will be able to give your child the background in this subject that they are going to need to reach their goals. Not everyone is fantastic with math and just getting the necessary grade can be a challenge, especially when your child reaches higher level math courses. It is important to work with a private math tutor early on so that your child has good habits and are able to be the best possible math student. This will make their time in school much simpler if they can go through their math classes without having to stress. Especially true as they start advancing in their educational career because math is only going to get harder. But if your child is in a class currently and having difficulties “I need a math tutor” is what they are going to have to admit to themselves. This is necessary for the complex lessons to be broken down in a manner that makes sense.

Our tutors are all college educated and some have even worked as teachers during their career. So they know what it takes to make sure your child understands the concepts and is able to pass their class. Since this is going to be course material that will be used later on, it is important that your child is able to remember what they are learning. When you work with one of our study skills tutors, you will be making sure that your child gets this chance. We offer top of the line tutors who pride themselves on their unique teaching styles and are passionate about math. If your child matches the dedication of our tutors, there is no limit to what they are able to achieve within their math course. All it takes is hard work and learning how to do things the right way. This is absolutely what your child is going to need to take advantage of if they are going to want to thrive in their math classes. It is absolutely pertinent for them to have a solid foundation to build off of from the jump. So if they are having trouble with their simple math skills you need to be on the lookout for a “math tutor near me.” Or if you are struggling in your pre-calculus class, the benefits of “math tutoring near me” will be shown after each session.

Benefits of Hiring a Math Tutor

As you can see, the benefits of hiring a math tutor are unlimited. Slowing down the curriculum and revisiting ideas that you or your student didn’t really understand can make a huge difference in your grades and overall knowledge. Having a top rated tutor there to work with you from the beginning of the class will help you establish footing in the class early on and prevent you from falling behind when new concepts are introduced. You will see that with our professional instructors at HeyTutor math will start to become an exciting, even enjoyable, topic that you finally understand. It can be fulfilling solving a difficult math problem and getting the correct answer.

Math is a class that needs to be understood from the first day on for your child to find success. This is particularly important when you are dealing with common core math. If your child is unable to understand this aspect of math they will never be able to understand algebra or even simple multiplication problems. So needless to say, this is information that has to be picked up if you want to see your child succeed throughout their time in school. However, this is easier said than done especially if your child is having problems focusing in class. We all have been in school and know how easy it is to get distracted. This is even truer when you think about the times when you did not understand a subject. The easy option is to simply stop caring about what is going on in class and tuning out. All of your friends are there and it is a lot more fun to talk with your buddies than it is to focus on subject matter that is not interesting and is confusing. So even if it is not right, it is easily understandable why your child might be struggling with several important topics. To make sure that they are able to focus and really learn this information they need to work with a one-on-one math tutor.

When your child is able to sit face to face with a professional they will really be able to learn everything that is put in front of them. Our professional tutors will take the time to figure out what your child is learning in class, this way they can figure out what they are struggling with and eliminate those problems. But this will be done by also taking into account the way that your child learns. This is one of the main reasons why students are unable to learn in a typical classroom. The teacher is unable to cater to your child because they have a classroom filled with other students. So they use one method that works for the majority, which hurts your child if they are in the minority. When your child is able to work with one of our tutors, they will be getting the individualized attention they need. This is a major factor toward them finding success in the class because they will be getting a lesson plan that is made specifically for them. An opportunity such as this one cannot be passed up if you are serious about your child being efficient in math. It starts with the basics and with each year a new teacher adds on new skills. So to make sure they have the base layer in math that is necessary it starts with them being teamed up with a professional. Since all of our tutors are trained and certified, your child will basically be getting their own personal teacher.

If you one day hope to become a teacher who works with math, then you know how important it is to get an apprenticeship. This is the best way to learn how things work inside of the classroom so that you can be an efficient teacher. You also know how it is not a breeze to become a teacher. If you are looking to get your certification and having any issues, you might be looking to find a math tutor. This might only be because you want to get certified and you know they have what it takes to achieve this goal. But what you might not be expecting is to get the mentorship from a trained professional who cares about your future success. The certification is simply the first step, it is what comes after that truly matters. You will be molding the young minds of future generations so it is important that you are giving them the best education. Our tutors will be able to make sure that you can do this for your students now and in the future.

With our vast selection of professional tutors, you can leave the work to us. We find your matches, prescreen them, and provide a background check free of charge. Finding a local math tutor is simple as Pi with us!

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