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Found 168 SAT tutors in Boston, MA

Eric Le Roy

3.4 miles away

English Language Arts / Literature / Media Studies Teacher and Tutor

I have been teaching and tutoring in high school and middle school classrooms for 12 years. I am skilled in English Language Arts, writing, literature, comparative literature, media studies, speech writing, public speaking, and grant writi... See more

  • ... SUNY Empire State College
  • subject Common Core + 30 more
  • Very responsive
Shuchi Z.

3.9 miles away

Patient and Experienced Test Prep, Science and Math Tutor

Hi! Thanks for visiting my tutoring profile! My name is Shuchi and I am very excited to help you achieve your academic goals. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from Boston University magna cum laude with a degree in Bio... See more

Maya C.

1.2 miles away

(1 ratings)
Harvard graduate with 4+ years of teaching/tutoring experience

I earned a B.A. in Earth & Planetary Sciences and a minor in Mathematical Sciences from Harvard College in 2019. Over the past 4 years, I have worked

  • ... Harvard University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 46 more
  • in a day or more
Cindy Murphy

4 miles away

Simmons University Exercise Science Student with 6 years of experience

I am an exercise science student at Simmons University where I have extensive experience tutoring peers in STEM specific courses. I am also capable of tutoring for standardized testing. I believe in using testing, quizzing, and active recal... See more

Sabrina Marnoto

4.6 miles away

UNH Chemical Engineering Graduate with 6 years of tutoring experience

Hello, my name is Sabrina and I am a recent chemical engineering graduate from the University of New Hampshire. I am now a current student pursuing my PhD in chemical engineering at Northeastern University. I have over 6 years of experience... See more

  • ... University of New Hampshire
  • subject Algebra 1 + 23 more

Why You Need a SAT Tutor In Boston

Boston is a city that has several different activities that one can participate in throughout their time in town. But none of those activities will be enjoyable for you if you cannot get the necessary score on your SAT. This is a time in the life of a high school student that is already incredibly taxing. The college application process is known to turn a few hairs grey on the heads of our youth.

Things get out of control even quicker when you start to add in the fact that students cannot get the grade that they need on this college admissions exam. We just recently had a parent call in who was concerned about their child. They were spending hours in the library studying for this exam on top of all of their other classes. But no matter what they were doing, they could not get the results that they needed.

However, the parents knew not to give up and instead they did their research. They ran across HeyTutor and in no time their child was matched with SAT tutoring in Boston. We do not make any guarantees because we know the end result is ultimately up to your student. If they stay focused and bring their A-game to every session, their score is going to increase.

Our SAT tutors have proven methods that have worked with students with a smorgasbord of problems. This type of background is what you need to feel confident in the Boston SAT tutor that you acquire.

Qingru Xu

1.7 miles away

BU Computer Engineer Graduate specialize in STEM, Chinese, and TOEFL

I have a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Boston University. I have years of experience in tutoring math subjects, ranging from middle school to college level, and test-taking strategies. I believe that there is no boring subject, on... See more

Amelia Afolayan

4.9 miles away

Test Prep Tutor

Hi there! I am a Boston Public Schools English teacher with 8 years of full-time teaching experience. I have extensive experience preparing students for the ISEE, the SAT, and the ISEB. I take an individualized approach to instruction, tail... See more

Veer Shah

3.2 miles away

Chemical Engineer at Northeastern University

I have 6 years of extensive experience tutoring students of a broad range of age 4-18. I truly specialize in math (Calculus I, II & III, Probability, Statistics), chemistry, physics and standardized test prep, whether it be PSAT/SAT, SAT Su... See more

  • ... Northeastern University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 65 more
  • in a day or more
Jae Jung

4 miles away

Brandeis University Graduate (6+ years of molecular biology research)

I have a masters degree in neuroscience from Brandeis University and have an extensive research experience in molecular biology and neuroscience. I have an experience teaching AP science courses, middle school to high school math, and SAT.

  • ... Brandeis University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 23 more
  • in a day or more
Brenton Stokes

3.7 miles away

Brown University alum with 4+ years of tutoring experience

I hold two music degrees; a BA from Brown and an MM from Berklee Valencia. I also have comprehensive math background from taking a lot of math and engineering courses @ Brown. I tutor students of all ages. No challenge is insurmountable!

  • ... Brown University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 42 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a SAT Tutor In Boston

Sometimes a student can be incredibly gifted and still have issues with the SAT. When we say each and every student has their own issues with this exam we absolutely mean it. Here is one example we were faced with recently. We had a student call in who wanted to raise their score so they could get into a prestigious university. They had fantastic grades and were involved in just about every possible extracurricular that their high school offered. But when it came to the SAT, they just could not get the score they needed to get accepted.

Just about every single one of these top-notch universities has strict stipulations that they follow when it comes to admitting students. At this particular school, they would not consider an applicant unless they had a certain SAT score. So this student was ultimately being ignored by the school because they could not get a high score. Needless to say, they were panicking and had no idea what they needed to do. Everything they were trying was coming up short until they found HeyTutor and our large resource pool of SAT tutors in Boston.

We have the services that you require if you need to take your score to the next level. When you are able to work with one of the best tutors in Boston then you are setting yourself up to be the best. Clearly, this is something that you want for yourself which is why you are applying to this prestigious academy in the first place. You can now rest assured that you will be getting top of the line Boston SAT tutoring when you work with HeyTutor.