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Qualifications & Experience

I am an experienced, skilled, and creative educator and scholar. I have a taught many subjects to many kinds of people at many different levels, with uniformly excellent results.

I was a college professor for 20 years. During that time, I spoke to large groups of students on a daily basis. I also gave seminars attended by undergraduates, graduates, and colleagues.
I thoroughly enjoy helping people develop their minds, and no one can match my ability to elicit the brilliance that is inside each and every one of us.

I have published more material, in a more diverse range of areas, than practically any other educator on Amazon, and my material has elicited thoroughly positive reactions from the diverse range of people who constitute its readership. I am very proud of my ability to reach people of all different levels and backgrounds, and I take special pride in my ability to identify, and work with, each student's special needs and to develop his or her special aptitudes.

My treatise Analytic Philosophy is considered the most authoritative test in the discipline; my book Conceptual Atomism and the Computational Theory of Mind is required reading in most graduate programs in cognitive science; and my book on set theory is considered a classic in its field. In addition to having competence in a number of academic areas, I am patient, kind, and have an unobtrusive but distinctive sense of humor, which helps me communicate otherwise forbidding ideas in a way that students find congenial.

I am dedicated to the welfare of each and every one of my students, and I thoroughly enjoy teaching. I regard myself as a teacher, and I regard each lesson with student as an opportunity to learn and to deepen my command of my craft.



University of California - Santa Barbara





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