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I have been tutoring for over five years. I am currently working for Mathnasium, and I work with students of all ages studying all levels of Math, including Prealgebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Precalculus, Trigonometry and Finite Math. I also help my students prepare for standardized tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, SOL and ASVAB.

I also help my students with studying skill, note taking skill and test taking skill. And here is just a sample of what my students say about me. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Great Tutor
Mitiku helped me with the GRE Test, specifically math. He was able to teach me skills and basic tools to answer questions. He was also able to tech me how to truly understand what the questions were asking.
Brooke, 4 lessons with Mitiku

Very Smart!
My son enjoyed working with Mitiku very much on Algebra 2/Trig. He was able to help him understand the current chapter. After working with Mitiku, my son retook a test and improved his grade.
Amanda, 1 lesson with Mitiku

My son was struggling with geometry mid-year. Mitiku was patient and helped him follow through on concepts. My son really responded to his personality and approach. We really appreciated that he helped my son keep his head above the water on the assignments but was also able to give him the confidence to understand the concepts.
Karen, 28 lessons with Mitiku

Very Productive
Mitiku was engaged to help my son with pre-calculus HN at the end of his sophomore year. My son was struggling with his grades and was desperate for a quick turn around. He was able to achieve this with Mitiku's help in a short period of time. My son who is usually reluctant to tutoring took a liking to Mitiku's style of teaching from the very first class. Mitiku demonstrated lot of patience and expertise in explaining complex topics. Should a tutoring need arise again he will be our first choice.
Vipul, 7 lessons with Mitiku

Knowledgeable and patient Tutor
Mitiku is a great Tutor! My son is finally gaining confidence and mastery of his Math material! Highly recommended if you’re looking for an affordable and talented tutor!
Anis, 9 lessons with Mitiku

He is a great tutor to have by your side. He reads a question and breaks it down into ways easier to understand. He makes sure you comprehend the material and goes back and teaches it if you are still confused. Not only is his explaining things much easier but he actually makes it fun! Thanks to him, my grades has improved, I understand the material we are learning in class now and very pleased with the tutorial sessions he and I have together. Mitiku is very humble and patient and can make you like math in ways you would never expect. I think, from a student's point of view, that you should really consider having Mitiku as your tutor!
Jerome, 16 lessons with Mitiku

He is respectful and understanding. He is flexible with timing. He teaches complex information in a simpler way. He cares about teaching the information more than once if the student did not understand it.
Saleh, 14 lessons with Mitiku



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