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I am a Business Administration graduate of Drexel University , Class of 2012. I spent about a year in high school completing a voluntary service program that involved teaching kids at elementary school. I am currently an engineering student at University of Houston, TX. I enjoy learning math and love when I get a concept and see it applied in an entirely different topic. I also enjoy periodic tables, solving equations and reading essays. I also have a knack for writing and am usually sent papers by my friends to edit. I have had the opportunity to tutor some of my family and friends. So although I have not tutored professionally, I have experience in securing a better understanding for my ‘student’s’. I am also constantly learning, which is apparent in my switch from Business/ Finance to Engineering. I can use my experience and current skills as a student to help advance the skill sets of my student’s. Outside work, I enjoy reading leisurely and watching movies. I am excited about to opportunity to be a catalyst in better understanding and improved grades for my students. It is such a good feeling when the tutoring pays off, and you have a hand in another’s success.



Drexel University

Business Administration

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