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I'm new to this site but here are a few important details about my experience in tutoring-
To begin with, I never use my legal name so feel free to call me by the name my friends lovingly named me when we were all bike messengers and I was studying to become a massage therapist-Sam Bones!
Living in Mexico on-and-off and a great love for the culture and languages in general has given me a special education in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. Being an artist and musician with an interest in mesoamerican archaeology and Mexican culture always served to make my 3 1/2 years of tutoring at PSU a creative and educational time together for my students. You will usually find me in Mexico within the first two months of the year visiting my friends and "chosen" families, and often taking face/bodypainting classes since I am owner and lead artist for a henna/facepainting business here in Portland.
I have been a conversation partner for many different students of English, as well.
My English-teaching certificate comes from a private company that specializes in teaching English to immigrants in a "real-world" type of situation. It's important for newly arrived non-English speakers to learn how to navigate living their new life in America. My classes always had people from different countries such as Mexico, Russia, Cuba, Burma, Somalia, etc. and they were all learning, in the same class, to write, read, speak, and understand English!
Finally, don't let my age fool ya! My life has been, and still is quite exciting and I'm regularly in contact with people of all ages and up on much of the latest pop culture, music, movies, politics, and much more.
Meanwhile, I will be building up my profile with other pertinent information and happy to answer any questions you may have.



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