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Qualifications & Experience

I am an experienced tutor with 30+ years of Elementary Education and Special Education experience. I am confident I can help all children learn in the way that fits them best. My expertise is in teaching all children with varying needs and a superb understanding of curriculum. Highlights of my qualifications are:
• Superb knowledge of special education theory and practice, human development, literacy skills, assessment, and specific academic content areas-reading, language arts, and math.
• Ability to plan curriculum and all IEP materials, prepare lessons, and other instructional material to meet individual needs of students while considering the emotional/educational levels of development is something I love to do and have been passionate about. I hope to continue this passion while helping children to learn and grow to be their best selves.
• Working collaboratively with other teachers, assistants, specialists, therapists, parents, and administrators – I have implemented and monitored Behavior Intervention Plans and Functional Behavior Assessments.
• Hundreds of thousands of hours in an Elementary Education classroom, significant and ongoing training, and creating a safe and fun place for students to learn and reach their goals
• I am empathetic and can relate with people from widely varying educational, professional, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

This is a field that is constantly changing for the better. It has been exciting for me to see advances in the use of technology, student-centered concepts of instruction, and the integration of multi-disciplinary perspectives to help broaden students understanding of the world they live in. This rich and diverse career experience provides me with the strongest of foundations to excel as a tutor and to help all children learn.



Adelphi University

Special Education/Elementary Education




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