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Chemistry, math, ESL and Spanish are my life. I love them and want you to share in that love as well. I have work experience as an SAT instructor for math and English and I also have 28 chemistry credits from my college and I've passed the FTCE chemistry exam for the state of Florida to be certified to teach it as well as passed the Texas exam to teach it. I have tutored for five years and plan to do it for life. My goal is to one day teach chemistry and possibly become a real chemist. I might also become an ESL teacher if it's possible. English is important in this world too. In this global economy, we all need to master it. I work in the field of education and my belief is that anyone who wants help deserves help in a school or to work in a lab and with patience, effort, and dedication, he or she can achieve his or her goals. I try my best to make chemistry seem very easy and understandable in layman's terms. In order to succeed in chemistry, if you know the tricks, the math and can memorize, you will get an A. You will definitely. It's ONE of the easiest subjects around and I will make sure you understand it so well that you'll NEVER have difficulty with it again. You can ask me anything, for there is NO SUCH THING as a stupid question. I try to accommodate to my students' needs through understanding, patience and effort. I have many chemistry workbooks and papers at home, which I keep reviewing myself everyday, so I'm on par with this subject and will help you in any way I can. My experiences with different peoples and cultures has given me insight into the world and how various students study, work and live. I plan to promote science, educational, adventure and nature tours in the future. In all, I feel my experience will help you greatly. I tutor in person in public places or online.
Please contact me as soon as possible if you need help. My motto is this: Reach for the stars, and they WILL be yours."



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