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Joseph Roccosalvo, R-LCSW, CASAC, NCAC 1, ICADC
Psychotherapist/Addictions Specialist/Consultant/Program Development
320 Nassau Road, Apt. #205
Huntington, NY 11743

September, 2018

RE: Seeking employment in Clinical Social Work / Substance Abuse / Addictions

I have been working in the field of and Behavioral/Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Education for over 20 years and I am currently looking for a part - time clinical position. I began my training at Beth Israel’s Chemical Dependency Programs and I attained my R-LCSW working with and supervised by the Psychiatry Department.

My attached CV details my experience in the field of Clinical Social Work, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, HIV/AIDS, Child Welfare; I provide Education and Training Courses for CASAC CEU,s as well as Program Development. Throughout my career, I have always been passionate about helping individuals and families that are afflicted with addiction and mental health issues.

I am also an Official NYS Dept. Of Motor Vehicles DWI/DUI Screening, Assessments and Evaluation Provider #6189.

One of the many rewards of my career has been when I was an Adjunct Professor at Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Work. I taught Human Behavior I & II, Social Work Practice I from 2002-2006.

My knowledge and understanding in the complexities of working with such diverse populations is detailed and comprehensive. With my clinical background, educational and professional training experience, I am able to serve the population and staff in any clinical position. I am also fluent in APG billing and documentation ; QA and UR as per NYS requirements; as well as electronic medical records.

Joseph Roccosalvo

Joseph Roccosalvo, R-LCSW, CASAC, NCAC 1, ICADC
Psychotherapist / Addictions Specialist / Program Development Consultant
320 Nassau Rd., #205, Huntington, NY 11743
Cell - ***

1/95 – 5/97 NYU School of Social Work – Master’s in Social Work
12/92-12/94 Empire State College – BS in Human Development w / Concentration in Substance Abuse
12/90- 12/92 CAC Program @ Central Labor Rehab Council of N.Y.

Current Credentials
R-LCSW Registered Licensed Certified Social Worker - # R-055692
CASAC Credentialed Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor - # 6489
NCAC 1 National Certified Addictions Counselor - # 012253
ICADC International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor - # 104952
OASAS Education and Training Provider - #0543
NPI National Provider Identification - # ***4
CAQH ID# ***

Professional Affiliations
National Association of Social Workers - New York City Chapter
National Board of Addiction Examiners
National Association of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors
Alcoholism Council of New York
International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs
American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work

Private Practice/Consulting from 1994 – Ongoing
Specialization in Addictions, Individual Therapy, Family and children, Couples’, Mood Disorders, Grief and Bereavement,
Eating Disorders, Anger /Stress Management, Interventions, Counseling for HIV Infection. Sexual Identity issues. Crisis Intervention. Older Adults, Clinical Supervision of Staff, Training, Instruction and Education for Professionals, and Program Development. Employee Assistance Referral Source/Consultant.
Official Department of Motor Vehicles Treatment, Screening, Evaluation, Provider for DWI offenders

Consulting Experience Since 2000

Lana Gaiton, Psychological Services, Brooklyn, NY. Senior Therapist. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Specialist
(3/2015 to 4/17). Provided Mental Health Services to individuals and families, Substance Abuse / Recovery issues, Groups and Consultation

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), Health Care Ambassador, working at JFK Airport for the prevention of Ebola outbreak, responsible for screening and assessments for International flights (12/2014 to 3/2015)

Oasis Support Services, LLC in Danville, VA (2013-2014)
Consultant for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services; responsible for Assessments/Evaluations; Clinical Supervisions (staff of 9 Case Workers); QA, UR; quarterly reports; yearly reports.

Joshua Family Home Services in Danville, VA (2012-2013)
Consultant: Clinical Director of Joshua Home (residential) for mentally challenged men; responsible for daily activities; medication management schedules; therapeutic groups; ¼’ly reports; yearly reports; QA; UR; Clinical Supervision of 5-6 Case Workers)

Trinity Support Services in Martinsville, VA (2012-2013)
Consultant / Staff Training / QA / UR for Mental Health / Substance Abuse Support Services

Carlbrook School, LLC in Halifax, VA (2012-2013)
Consultant Director of Student Wellness Services; Management Substance Abuse and Recovery. Carlbrook School is a coeducational, college preparatory boarding school, academic community designed to challenge and inspire adolescent students of high aptitude and potential who have struggled academically or socially in previous educational environments.

Work Experience

New Horizon Counseling Center, Far Rockaway, NY – Full Time Clinical Director Outpatient Mental and Behavioral Health. From 11/2014 to January 2015

1/12 – 4/1/12
FAIR Program: Metropolitan Center for Mental Health; Clinical Program Director; 822-4 Substance Abuse/Mental Health Out-Patient Program. Responsible for all clinical supervision of five (5) staff (CASAC’s and LMSW’s); monthly reports to OASAS and OMH; QA; Trainings and daily program activities

8/11 – 12/11
Lower East Side Family Union (FT/R Program); Clinical Supervisor of Mental Health/Substance Abuse Team for treatment of families referred by CPS/ACS; responsible for program development and implementation; clinical supervision of (5) LMSW's/CASAC's; UR and QA

11/10 - 5/11
Village Care Adult Day Treatment Program / Clinical Mental Health Supervisor / HIV/AIDS / Substance Abuse and Mental Health; Supervise and provide weekly clinical supervision for six (6) staff; coordinate daily program activities; program scheduling; facilitate clinical staff meetings

4/01 – 12/01
Local 32B-J, EAP / Consultant, Psychiatric / Mental Health, Substance Abuse Services, Crisis Intervention, Trauma /
Grief / Disaster Counseling – Red / Green Cross Colleagues

3/96 – 10/98
Stuyvesant Square: Clinical Evaluation Supervisor; 28-day inpatient chemical dependency unit @ Beth Israel Hospital
- provided clinical supervision for ten )10) clinical staff
- evaluated clients for modality of treatment
- coordinated all treatment disciplines
- supervised and implemented “Family Program” for family week and aftercare services
- Implemented special “MICA”/ “Co-morbid” treatment track
- Implemented and coordinated special modality for “Victimization and Abuse”
- Responsible for all rehab administrative tasks: schedules, QA, UR, staff upgrade, education series,
Interdisciplinary meetings

3/94 - 3/96 Counselor 2 - Stuyvesant Square Rehab – facilitator Mica/ Dual Focus / Outpatient Groups @ Beth Israel
Psychiatry Program
3/92 – 3/94 Counselor 1 - Aftercare – Stuyvesant Square Rehab
1/90 - 1/92 Internship - Stuyvesant Square – Growth Group Facilitator

Teaching Experience (see Self-Study)

1999 – 2012 Intercare, Ltd. - faculty training program for professionals (CASAC courses)
1998 – 2010 Faculty Alcoholism Council of New York – CASAC Education and Training Services – variety of
Topics (see Self- Study)
1 / 02 - 5 / 06 Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services, Adjunct - Professor Human Behavior I & II,
Social Work Practice I

Publications – NYFAC Headliner
Women and Addiction: Critical Issues
Methadone: One Stop on the Road to Recovery
Meeting the Demands of Managed Care


Jill Abramson, LCSW, CASAC, Clinical Supervisor Stuyvesant Square SA Rehab. - ***

Mary Harrington, LCSW Private Practice - 914- 589- 3293

Dr. Mitchell Newmark Psychiatrist - 212 - 337 – 0788
Eric Losada, CASAC, Interim Clinical Director; FAIR Program - ***
Maria Ferguson, LMSW, CASAC, Senior Counselor Beth Israel MMTP Program - ***
Alen Gordon (professional reference for addictions specialty) - ***
Warren Pearl (personal reference) - ***
Lana Gaiton, PHD – 347-***

Self-Study - Joseph Roccosalvo, R-LCSW, CASAC, NCAC1, ICADC

Education Information
- M.S.W., Graduate School of Social Work, New York University, 1997
- B.S., Human Development and Substance Abuse, Empire State College, 1994
- CASAC, Central Labor Rehab Council of New York, 1992

Academic Appointments
- Faculty Alcoholism Council of New York, 1997 – 2009
- Instructor Beth Israel Medical Center, Psychiatric/Mica Services, 1996 – 2006
- Private Instructor CASAC Training for Chemical Dependency Professionals, Bureau of Workforce Development
Training Unit, #0543, 1996 - present
- Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services, Adjunct Professor, 2002 – 2006, HBSE I & II

Professional post-master’s social work experience
- Private Practice/Program Development/Consultant/Addiction Specialist, 1998 – present
- OASIS Support Services, Danville, VA
- Joshua Family Home Services, Danville, VA
- Trinity Support Services, Martinsville, VA
- Carlbrook School, LLC, VA
- FAIR Outpatient Co-Occurring Disorders Center; Supervised (5) LCSW’s, CASAC’s
- Lower East Side Family Union; FTR Program; Clinical supervisor MH/SA program; supervised (4)
LMSW's / CASAC's, 8/11- 5/12
- Village Care Adult HIV/AIDS Day-Treatment Program (supervised 6 LMSW’s)
- Clinical Family Services, Intercare Ltd. Outpatient Services, 1999 – present Addictions Specialist
- Official Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Improvement Program, Evaluator and Treatment
Provider, 1994 – present
- Consultant/Psychiatric/Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, EAP Local 32BJ, 2000-2001
- Clinical Evaluation Supervisor, 28-day In-patient Rehab Center, (supervised 10 CASAC’s & LCSW’s) Beth Israel
Medical Center, 1995 -1998

Current / Past professional, academic, and scientific memberships
- National Association of Social Workers
- National Board of Addiction Examiners
- National Association of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors
- Breaking the Chain Counseling
- American Board of Addiction Examiners in Clinical Social Work
- Alcoholism Council of New York City

Community and professional service responsibilities and activities for the last 10 years
- Ramas Schools, Effects of Substance Abuse on Society
- Marymount School for Girls, Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on Society
- Marymount College, Treating the Difficult/Resistant Drug Abuser
- Crossroads Treatment Centre, Antigua, Substance Abuse / The Courage to Change

Professional presentations during the last 10 years
-Domestic Violence and the Chemical Dependency Connection, Lincoln Center, June 2012, NYC NASW Addictions
Institute @ Fordham University,
-Ethics, Confidentiality and Misconduct in Chemical Dependency Treatment, Alcoholism Council of New York City,
September 2011
-The Hazards of Marijuana: It’s Not Your Parents’ Pot: Implications for Treatment and Recovery, Alcoholism Council of
New York City, June 2011
-Suicide Prevention and the Substance Abuse Connection, Alcoholism Council of New York City, April 2011
-Being The Good Object: A Psychoanalytic/Object Relations View of Addictions to Engage the Resistant Client in Recovery,
NYC NASW Addictions Institute @ Fordham University, Lincoln Center, May 2009
-Stages of Recovery from Addiction, Alcoholism Council Of New York City, August 2009
-Addictions and the Elderly: The ‘Forgotten’ Population, Alcoholism Council of New York City, June 2005, 2009
-Addiction and Personality Disorders: Implications for Treatment Alcoholism Council of New York City, May 2005
-Gender and Addictions: Exploring the Differences in Men and Women in Treatment and Recovery, Alcoholism Council of
New York City, May 2005
-12 Steps and the Relation to Ego Functioning, Alcoholism Council of New York City, May 2005
-Crack Cocaine: Implications for Treatment and Recovery, Phase Piggy Back Mica Program, March 2005
-Addiction and Personality Disorders, Holland House, The Manhattan MICA Committee and NYC Department of
Health & Mental Health Services, January 2005
-Treating the Resistant, Difficult, Borderline Client, NYC NASW Addictions Institute @ Fordham University,
Lincoln Center, May 2000

Other Related Courses:

- Psychoanalytic View of Addiction: An Object Relations Perspective
- Treating The Resistant Client: Parts I and II
- Ethics/Confidentiality/Misconduct in Social Work Practice
- Motivational Interviewing; Skills and Techniques
- Family Systems Theory in Treating Substance Abusing Clients
- Anger, Alcoholism and Addictions
- Stress Management in Recovery: Applications and Techniques
- An Introduction to Psycho-pharmacology in the Treatment of Addictions
- PTSD and Chemical Dependency: Implications for Treatment
- Treating Substance Abuse in the Gay and Lesbian Populations
- Countertransference and Supervision; The Value of Clinical Supervision
- Alcoholism Council of New York City, Various Programs and Institutions in NYC, 1999 – ongoing
- Co-Occurring Disorders: Assessment and Treatment, MCMH, March, 2012
- Domestic Violence and the Chemical Dependency Connection, June 2012, Fordham University

Professional publications
Women and Addiction: Critical Issues, in AAPNY Communicator (formally NYFAC Headliner), Fall 2000
Methadone: One Stop on the Road to Recovery, in NYFAC Headliner, Spring 1999
Meeting the Demands of Managed Care, in AAPNY Communicator (formally NYFAC Headliner), Fall 2002

Other relevant information
Disaster / Trauma / Grief / Crisis Counseling with Red/Green Cross Projects, 9/11/01 – 2/2/02. (During and Post 911 in NYC)



New York University

Clinical Social Work/Human Behavior


SUNY Empire State College

Human Development/Concentration in Substance abuse






Awards & Honors


Official Trauma Specialist

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