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I have a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistic Studies (the study of language) from Syracuse University and over 3 years of teaching/tutoring experience. As an SAT/ACT English tutor, I am an avid reader and a lover of all things linguistic. My study of the Latin language has fostered a lifelong interest in etymology (word history) and English vocabulary, and I take much pleasure in instilling this same zeal in my students! How can etymology and an advanced vocabulary help you? Knowing word roots allows you to figure out a word by putting the parts of the word you already know together, and take an educated guess at its meaning! This is extremely helpful on standardized entrance exams which have college level reading passages. After all, if you can't read something, you can't solve it!

In addition, I have spent hours reading grammar textbooks so you don't have to! I can show you exactly what type of grammar you'll need to know which (once you've mastered it) will definitely improve your test score. I also love showing students how to approach the reading passages like a pro by identifying question types and actively reading to cut through difficult language to find facts and main ideas.

Furthermore, I'm not all seriousness and grammar rules, I have a fantastic sense of humor (you'll see) and a relaxed, light-hearted approach to learning. My goal is for you to have as much fun as possible while we're working. Indeed, the more fun you have, the less it feels like work! But don't worry, we will definitely accomplish a lot. I look forward to meeting you soon!



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