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Hello, I'm Sahar! I am an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and seasoned Excel Professional. I have an MBA from Stevens Institute of Technology. Excel students can expect to improve week to week. Each week will cover a new skill with some homework and light quizzing. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, you will learn the skills needed to apply essential foundations in school, work, and in life. You will be empowered. I can help any student to confidently crunch numbers with ease.

I have been training and educating financial professionals for years. I graduated with a BS in Finance as my undergraduate degree and I hold an MBA in Technology Management. I can teach students everything needed to know in excel, from simple formatting to advanced scenario analysis.

As a financial professional, I have helped numerous people meet their excel goals. Whether it's creating pivot tables, graphs, charts, equations, running macros, calculating loan payments, running cashflows, or filtering data, my teaching method is easily communicated and clearly understood. I love to mentor students who want to become the next Excel ninja with a commitment to achieve.

I learned advanced excel skills in my undergraduate courses and I have been applying them in the professional field for the last 15 years. I have trained and educated people on simple formatting, sorting, applying filters, creating subtotals, data validation, macros, equations and calculations, pivot tables, and more!

For Microsoft Outlook, I can help you perform a mail merge campaign, create calendar invites, format emails, organize folders, clear up space, and more. For PowerPoint, I can help you make vivid presentations including the use of proper fonts, applying animations, applying transitions, formatting slides and more. For Microsoft Word, I can help you create new documents, apply WordArt, insert images, create professional documents, write your school term paper with footnotes, pagination and more!

My personal passion in Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, combined with your thirst for knowledge will enlighten you to becoming the next superhero power user. I look forward to meeting you!



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