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Dutch Tutor: Dutch teacher who lived 20+ years in Flanders
I have been teaching Dutch for about a year now. I am able to teach my students in a way that helps them get the language into Long-Term Working Memory - so they don't forget quickly, but rather keep what they learn. I am a fluent Dutch speaker and good general language teacher; for teaching Dutch I use the highly-regarded text Go Dutch! by Mariaan de Vooght and Andre Lefevere. Sessions are accompanied by Dutch / Flemmish cultural material. I came to HeyTutor after being contacted by a rep telling me she wanted me to sign up to help teach Dutch, so Dutch comes first on this profile. It is not my main subject, but I have a deep love for the Dutch language!

Web Development / Design Tutor
There is a crying need for good techie tutors. I hear almost every day about teachers and tutors in the web technologies field who are tremendously unhelpful. I can help YOU with those things that seem to be hindering most web development students' progress the most: programming stress and forgetting what you have learned. I developed a teaching method from my decades of research in areas having to do with the mind, learning, and memory, and it helps many students in deep ways get past these problems. My glowing reviews (on other platforms - I'm new to HeyTutor) are proof it works amazingly well.

Writing Tutor / Mentor
Helping students improve their writing is my main passion in tutoring. This is because it also helps them learn to think in a more healthy, stable, clear, and eventually powerful way. For this, I have developed a teaching method which builds upon the Harvard Writing Labs method and improves it - helping students with learning anxiety and long-term working memory.

If you are serious about improving your writing and your thinking, GET IN TOUCH. I am passionate about helping you here on HeyTutor.



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