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When people struggle with Math it very rarely is because of some lack of ability or skill. Rather, it seems to almost always to be because of a lack in proper instruction. Standardized classrooms focusing on material that the teachers don't even like themselves has resulted in a multitude of bright and gifted students being told that they are inadequate. After years of hearing this, people actually start to believe the mantra and say to themselves, "I'm just not a Math person". This is where I come in ...

I view myself as a 'Math Therapist'. The focus is to listen and guide to see where the underlying issue truly is. So often there are just a few simple concepts that were breezed over to quickly or explained in a way that wasn't right for the student. Every person has a way they would like to learn best and acknowledging and working with that is the key. Once these ideas are explained in a way that can actually be heard, I never ceased to be amazed by the progress I observe. The turnaround is often dramatic. To take a student who dreads Mathematics and have them now say "it's my favorite subject" is exactly why I do what I do. My end goal is to eliminate the need for myself, to take each student and give them what they need to succeed on their own.

I do not claim to be right for every student, no one is. However, years of working with dozens of families has given me a multitude of methods and one of them just might be the right one for you. If this sounds too familiar it's only because I lived it myself and have now dedicated to doing what I can to make it not happen again.

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Thanks, I hope for the best.

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