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I have a Bachelor's degree in French and Spanish Linguistics from University of La Verne, and 7 years experience in teaching both children and adults in french, english and spanish. I believe in a creative, modern approach to teaching languages. I focus on each individual's specific needs and abilities, together, working as a team, we help to believe their full potential and bring out the best in a very short period of time. In my lessons, I focus on details, and make sure student acquires a rich and extensive vocabulary, wheres a students can be confident and sure of himself when using the language. My lessons are creative, intense, and I make sure we move forward very swiftly. Each lesson is pretty much divided in four parts. I make sure we do a lot of serious grammar, followed by wide range of exercises as a training, so that he or she can be grammatically correct, and rich with vocabulary. Wide range of expressions are learnt. Then person moves to writing part, where I teach to express himself in writing monologues, dialogues, and speeches, that are needed for uni students, political students, journalists, etc. Speaking is the most crucial part, because most students have problems with it. If students wishes, we move to listening part, which helps to understand the language and get used to it. All parts are rich with different exercises, activities etc. I make corrections straight away and ask students to make a lot of notes and memorize things. I teach from A1 to C1 levels.

I specialize in swift teaching so I offer to speak fluently only after 3 months of taking lessons with me in French.



University of La Verne

French and Spanish Linguistics




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