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I am a DePauw University graduate with a major in History and minors in Political Science and French. I have tutoring experience in French and English writing, but I feel very confident tutoring a myriad of other subjects. I excel in aiding students in exam/test prep (college admissions exams or general tests). Reading and writing are my personal strengths, and I hope to improve student's reading and writing skills in order to build their confidence and generally help them excel with their studies. I am available to assist in the writing/editing process for college admissions essays, scholarship essays, research papers, reviews of literature, book reports, historical essays, etc.
I believe that any academic goal can be reached if a student applies the proper time and commitment, and asks for help when they need it. As such, I find setting goals and following plans integral to achieving success. I hope to provide students with a comfortable and non-intimidating place to learn and ask questions, without fear of judgement or failure. I believe that lessons should be detailed and goal focused; most importantly, lessons should be designed uniquely from student to student, to ensure that they are receiving a plan that will benefit THEM most, as efficiently, and effectively as possible. Each student has different strengths, weakness, habits, and needs that make them who they are. I intend to work with students in whichever way helps them the most with flexible methods and adjustable goals. I am eager to help students to have their academic breakthrough and become more confident, skilled, analytical, driven, organized learners, writers, and testers.



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