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My name is Maro, and I've 10+ years of experience in private tutoring and contract work with (namely) Kaplan and C2 Education. I recently relocated to Chicago after graduating, and I'm looking to start meeting new parents and students who need help in STEM around the 7th-12th grade range. My specialties are in Computer Science, Mathematics (up to Calc BC), and AP Bio/Chem, as well as SAT prep. I'm available for tutoring in person or online (we communicate over Skype/Google Hangout, and I use a bamboo pad to communicate visually).

Tutoring is my job and livelihood; I do it because I have a passion for helping people and have a calling to teach college mathematics. I excel in tutoring STEM subjects because after immigrating to America on 1999, I developed an early passion for the subjects that didn't require prerequisite English skills. I found myself excelling in math and science, and the positive feedback loop definitely propelled my future career pursuit into STEM. After graduating from High School, I had to take couple years off before attending an university for higher education due to my family's financial difficulties. It was a period of emotional maturing as I realized the privileges of people around me, even my own friends, and force myself to work and save up the necessary tuition to attend school without building up debt.

The challenges I overcame translates to my teaching style. I like to emphasize the capabilities of every student to attempt a question no matter its difficulty -- what is important is the willingness to try. My immense and diverse teaching experience has shown me that the most important skill a student can learn is to believe that she/he can do it. Self-confidence is the greatest support to learning and I believe in encouraging my students to know they have what it takes to succeed. As a tutor, I aim to support, motivate, and instill a sense of responsibility in my students. I believe in advocating for students and, more importantly, empowering them to advocate for themselves.

My goal as a tutor is to set the student up as independent learners who can process their school curriculum with diligent work ethic. Motivations are fleeting but work ethics go beyond school. In my experience as a tutor, whether students need help in school or SAT prep, majority of their mistakes originate from poor foundations. My primary approach is to address these weaknesses, bring students up to par with their school curriculum, and set them up to be self-starters.

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