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Hi, I'm Winston W. I graduated from USF, with a Bachelor’s degree in English Creative writing, which means I have taken an extensive amount of writing classes. English, II Form and Technique of Fiction, and writing for children ages 2-6, are only a few of the writing courses I took. I have a little experience in tutoring, however, not professionally. I have been tutoring my cousin's children for about 8 years now. Reading, writing, and a little math, are a few of the subjects I have taught. When I'm tutoring, I try to make learning engaging as possible. Many children view reading and writing as boring and dull. I educate them on interesting books they might find intriguing. As a result, they become a little more comfortable with learning how to read. I also explain to them how imperative it is to learn how to read. The same goes for writing, vocabulary, and grammar as well. Learning these skills are essential for them to grow. When it comes to spelling, I try to turn it into a game. My cousins will often ask me how to spell a word. I will reply by telling them to sound it out. I will often give them hints to spelling the word. I will then divulge to them the word may start with a vowel or a consonant. By initiating this technique, they are able to differentiate between a vowel and consonant. In addition, they are having a fun time learning the material. Furthermore, I also explain how some letters are silent. Spelling words can be a bit tricky at times, which is why it's important for children to be aware of the fundamentals.



University of South Florida

English Creative Writing




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