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My name is Kevin Figueroa. I am a professional tutor, and help students of all ages with many different services:

SAT: My main service is SAT tutoring. I was a top scoring tester, scoring a 1570, a score in the 99th percentile, having only missed two questions out of more than one hundred and fifty. I spent two years teaching myself the SAT, and now I am able to deliver these skills to students in just a couple of weeks. I teach basic knowledge necessary for the test, as well as testing strategy and physical and psychological tips to perform better on testing day. With my help and your focus and effort, together we can achieve all of your goals!

Math: I am an expert in math. I have tutored students in all levels of math from Elementary School to College over the past two years. Most of my students tell me that I am great at taking a complex subject and making it seem easy, which is important in higher-level math. I think this is because I make sure that my students understand what they are doing, and don't simply find an answer and write it down.

English & Science: English and science are secondary subjects that I tutor, meaning that they are not my main strengths, however, I am proficient enough to significantly help other students improve their grades and scores!

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Florida Atlantic University

Business Management (Entrepreneurship)




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