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Nowadays, I work as a mechanical engineer at an aerospace firm but still accept new STEM students of all skill levels. I have published papers on molecular dynamics, nanomaterials, and bioengineering in several science journals. I started off with a liberal arts degree but then made a dramatic pivot toward hard science, so I am very familiar with the struggles that math subjects, such as calculus and algebra, can present to even the most talented students.

I bring nearly four years of experience teaching high school students how to crack the ACT and (old) SAT examination. I have a proven track record as an independent contractor with Tried & True Tutoring, having boosted the ACT/SAT subject performance scores of numerous students. I have also collaborated with the Minority Disability (MIND) Alliance to demystify calculus and physics to promising students from underrepresented backgrounds with sensory handicaps.

My eclectic education in History and Mechanical Engineering gives me a special insight into how people living under different circumstances come to understand or misunderstand difficult source material. As such, I am highly adept at finding effective ways to clarify and relate information to pupils in order to better enable their learning and success. I find that most people are more engaged by math and science applications that they find either personally or socially relevant. That's why I prefer to articulate an engineering, physics, or pure math problem such that my students grasp the intrinsic value in solving it. For example, simple flow through a pipe can be recontextualized as rescuing a town’s water supply, or an electrical circuit response curve can aid in the redesign of a medical pacemaker. Applications like these are engaging to most students because it showcases the power of a STEM education and furnishes them with the agency to reshape their worlds. I believe this because I started out studying history, and learning the social virtues inherent to creating and maintaining our modern life were my motivation to make a career in science.

If you have any questions for me or would like to schedule a session, feel free to message anytime. I look forward to helping you realize your academic and professional potential.



Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Mechanical Engineering




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