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Hello! Thanks for stopping by my profile!
My name is Justin and I am a physics major and atmospheric sciences minor from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I graduated in 2015 and would love to get back into tutoring! I Have tutored mostly freshman physics but have also tutored trigonometry, college algebra, calculus 1 and even a freshman meteorology course!

A little about me:
I initially started my higher education in my late 20's at a community college and worked my way up to the freshman physics course. Up until then I had not taken any kind of physics or math above algebra before, not even in high school. Once I finished my freshman algebra-based physics 1 course I was hooked. I found physics very satisfying oddly enough. Upon completing my first physics course I immediately began helping fellow students as a complimentary service, just to help reinforce what I had learned. Within a year I had officially began tutoring students through the school. I eventually picked up the lower math courses as well. I got a job working for the physics department on their labs so I have behind the scenes exposure to experimental physics too! Once I transferred to CU I continued to tutor at the community college and began tutoring privately at CU as well.

My final semester at CU I also worked as a Learning Assistant (LA) for the atmospheric science department for the freshman weather and climate course. My job as an LA was basically an undergraduate teaching assistant. I held office hours, sat in on lectures and proctored exams. The groups I worked in outside of class were small and thus very rewarding to myself and most of the students. I have since focused my career on meteorology, so I can offer some assistance there too!

It has been a little while since I have tutored and I am very excited to join the community again and help where possible. If you feel lost in physics, come drop me a line and I'm sure we can figure it out together! Because of my background at a community college, majority of the students I tutored were non-traditional, which I was myself. If you feel overly anxious about being a non-traditional student please contact me as I may be able to provide a better perspective.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
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