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Hello Everyone! I'm Hubbard. I am a recent graduate of Cal State University of Monterey Bay and throughout my entire time there, I worked hard to become a fantastic educator. I aspire to become a middle school math teacher in the future once I get my credentials. I have worked and volunteered at many different middle schools, each with a different economic background and each school I worked for loved me. I have experience with classroom management/teaching, study groups, and 1-on-1 tutoring for students who need extra help/attention.

Outside of work, I am a hiker, biker, and gamer. Biking and gaming is how I spend most of my recreational time. I have long time friends I visit almost everyday and I believe that being a good sport about everything is a good motto to live by.

I believe my greatest strength in educating is my patience and calmness. Teachers and fiends alike have always told me that I have the ability to calm down any situation and make things stress free. I am the same when it comes to tutoring and this strength is one of the main reasons why I wanted to teach math in the first place. Math is up there for one of the most frustrating and difficult subjects for children to grasp and it's easy to just give up on it. I feel like keeping your students calm and stress-free is half of the battle when dealing with math. Plus, once you have a level head and know what the question is asking you, it's as easy as 1+1.

My goal as a tutor is to make them a better and more patient student in general. School (especially in middle school) can be extremely difficult and emotional for many kids and it is my job to fix that. Please reach out if one of your children is having issues with math, I'll guarantee I'll try my best to help and guide them.



California State University - Monterey Bay

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