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I studied English, Philosophy and Film at Dartmouth College, graduating cum laude with honors. I do college-prep consulting, and have lectured throughout China on tailoring applications to top tier universities. I also do general homework tutoring for all grade levels, in person (West LA & the Valley) or online.

In high school, I struggled as a writer, and learned the hard way how to organize my thoughts and get them on the page. And now I can help you develop your own writing talents.

I specialize in analysis and literary theory, so if you're analyzing a topic or talking about the symbolism of the green light in The Great Gatsby, I'm your man.

With regards to writing, another focus of mine is creative writing. I have studied at UCLA, and with some of the best "writing gurus" around LA. And I would love to help you work on a creative writing project.

The other main area I had to figure out the hard way was study skills. In high school, nobody teaches you how to study, manage your time, or work effectively. But those skills become more vital as the years go on.

My experience:

I have tutored Dartmouth students on clarifying their writing and enhancing their communication skills. I also volunteered as an applicant interviewer for Dartmouth, and have analyzed applicants for Dartmouth.

After writing my own successful application to Dartmouth, and studying there for 4 years, I know what Ivy League admissions officers are looking for in your personal statement. I also know the way they expect you to write once you're attending a high level school.

Currently, I teach writing and English in juvenile Hall, here in LA, which is a job requiring significant training, and safety checks.

But it's not just all about writing. As a one-man film production team, I traveled through Nepal and Nicaragua, directing a documentary about healthcare and education in the developing world. My film won Best International Documentary at the Laughlin Film Festival.

I'm excited to get to work strengthening your writing, reading, or test preparation. If you're writing a middle school essay, college application letter, or graduate thesis on Jacque Derrida's The Works Of Mourning as they relate to post colonialism, you and I would be an excellent fit!

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-- Troup



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