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I am a Senior at San Jose State University majoring in Psychology. I have always had a passion for education. I strongly believe that education can open plenty of doors and opportunities that would otherwise not be there. During my college career, I have had the pleasure of mentoring college-bound high school students in a classroom setting.
I am currently in charge of a mentor program in partnership with a local high school in east San Jose. This program focuses on college readiness. I have experience helping students apply for scholarships, apply to college, and researching on universities of their interest. I especially enjoy and excel at anything in the social sciences. I am extremely organized and enjoy helping students figure out what kind of organizational methods work to help them succeed.
In high school, I took Honors and AP courses including: AP European History, AP Government and Economics, AP English, Honors Chemistry, Honors English, and AP U.S. History. During high school I was extremely involved in sports, other extracurriculars, and highly focused on doing well academically. I understand the pressures that come with trying to balance all of this, and really want to use what worked for me during high school and college to succeed in the classroom and beyond.
I have an adaptable style when it comes to working with students. I understand that what works for one student might not work for the next. Working with students has taught me so much, and I look forward to each opportunity I get to do so.



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