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My name is Alycia Chung, and I recently graduated from University of the Pacific as a Biology major. I have been accepted to Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, and will be attending in the upcoming fall. During my semester off, I am hoping to not only relax and enjoy my time off before dental school, but I hope to work at a place that is fulfilling.
I believe I am qualified to work as a private tutor as I have experience as well. I have tutored for over 3 years as a high school student in various subjects, including sciences, math, and Korean. In my senior year of high school, I was hired at Y.A.I.L. academy as an after school tutor. I was responsible every day to have a lesson plan in either science, English, or math, help all of my students with their homework, projects, and upcoming tests, and gave them weekly quizzes on the lesson plan I had given. During the summer, I worked as a summer instructor in an intensive curriculum. I taught two classes of fifth-graders in math, and one class of kindergarteners in science. I was responsible for covering the majority of the math and science class that they were going to learn in the upcoming year. Every day required a lesson plan. For the fifth graders, there was a daily quiz and a weekly test to see if they were actually understanding the information taught to them. The math I taught the fifth graders also follows the Common Core curriculum which makes me believe that I am extremely qualified for this job.
I am not only experienced, but I personally love working with students. It is an extremely fulfilling job, and I am more willing to put in the work to become a great teacher. Thank you.



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