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Hi, I’m Ryan! I currently work full-time as a trader in a financial planning firm, but before my current job, I worked full-time for two years as a tutor for a company specializing in test prep and GPA improvement. I excelled most at helping students with high school math subjects such as Algebra II, Trig/Precalc, and even Calculus. I also tutored AP Physics and regular biology subjects. On the test preparation side, I tutored all subjects for the SAT and ACT and even had a student get a perfect score on the ACT. Building relationships with my students, getting to know them and their goals, and seeing them succeed was incredibly fulfilling. I want to continue working with motivated students who st to improve their performance and need help achieving their goals.

I firmly believe that building the right rapport with my students is paramount. If they don’t enjoy learning with me, our sessions will not be optimal. When I teach, I try to ask the right questions to get students to reach the answers on their own, acting more as a guide for discovery rather than giving students answers and formulas right off the bat. I also draw connections between the concepts we are learning to ideas with which my students are already familiar in order to increase their retention. Afterwards, I like to summarize and condense whatever I teach my students into the most usable format for them going forward. This could be in the form of notes, a reference sheet, or note cards. Then, I focus on giving the student as much opportunity to practice as possible. I find that this is the best way students learn.

Because of my full-time job, I’m only available to tutor in the evenings and on weekends. I enjoy teaching high school math the most, and I can tutor all SAT and ACT subjects. I have had success at my previous tutoring job teaching AP Physics and Calculus, but I am most effective if I can go through the course with my students as the year progresses. That way, I can refresh myself on some of my weaker areas and be better able to explain them to students.

I have my series 65 license and passed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst exams. I will earn my CFA designation after obtaining the required work experience. My real world experience adds a new depth of knowledge which I use to help students understand why learning specific subjects in school have an actual application later in life. My experience also enhances my ability to teach certain subjects, such as finance and economics since I use these subjects on a day-to-day basis. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want to schedule a lesson!



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