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Teaching has always been a career I want to be in. Ever since I was a child I considered teaching a wonderful career as I believe it offers someone a rewarding experience for one can help and influence people in a positive and educational way. A good teacher has the opportunity to help shape your students' perspective in life and make it easier for them to progress through their career path.
Throughout my life I have found my teaching experience extremely fulfilling. I graduated top of my class in high school, and at college due to my academic excellence especially in math subjects, I was awarded merit scholarship, and was hired by school to tutor multiple subjects to fellow students. I graduated at my college as a Summa Cum Laude and really enjoyed working with many students.
I also taught classes while I was a graduate student. As part of the agreement with the graduate school to receive the fellowship for my graduate studies, I was to work as a teaching assistant for my assigned professor at the university, and I was responsible for conducting course review sessions and lab classes, as well as coming up with exam questions and grading test papers. Thru that experience I interacted with different classes which allowed me to handle different types of study questions and help students from various background and course levels. I graduated with my Master's degrees with honors at an Ivy League school.
Since graduation I have also been actively involved in coaching students and offering them career advice. When I am working with students, I make sure I tailor towards your specific needs and identify/tackle your weakness areas so that you can progress quickly.
As an individual, I am optimistic, patient and considerate. My academic achievement also gives me the solid foundation and knowledge base to teach others.
For these reasons, I believe I will be able to help you for whatever subject matter you need help in. I am glad I will have the opportunity to work with you.



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