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The Most Diverse Public Universities in the U.S.

Just as America has gotten more diverse, so has its system of higher education. Since the late 1970s, the percentage of minority students at four-year, degree-granting colleges and universities has...


In Person Tutoring vs Group Tutoring

A comparison between the pros of taking advantage of individual, in person tutoring lessons as opposed to the cons of learning in a group tutoring setting with only one tutor.


How To Get Into The Best Colleges

If you want to get into the best colleges you need to have the best test scores, best grades, best essay and several extracurriculars under your belt.


How to Address a Letter

Have you ever received a gift from grandma and you wanted to send her a wonderful thank you letter letting her know just how much it means to you that she would take the time.


College Majors with the Highest Salaries

With almost 20 million students enrolled in postsecondary education, getting a bachelor’s degree has become a rite of passage for many young professionals before going into the workforce.


The Most Diverse Cities in the United States

Diversity is not only an important social justice issue, but overwhelming evidence shows that diversity fosters a variety of benefits for workplaces, schools, and communities.


States with the Largest Teacher Pay Gap

Recent trends in hiring and wage increases indicate that the economic outlook for some American workers may be slowly improving, but there is one group that is still falling behind: teachers.

Technology & Innovation

The Importance of Programming in 2019

In a world that is rapidly evolving technologically, computer programming and computer programmers are growing increasingly more important especially heading into 2019.


The Most Educated Cities in the U.S

Educational attainment in the U.S. is at a record high. As of 2017, 20 percent of adults over the age of 25 were bachelor’s degree holders, and an additional 12 percent of adults went beyond that!


How To Get Through Finals Week

A guide of how to get through finals week while enrolled in college and how a professional tutor is your best option to pass all of your exams.


The Advantages of Final Exam Tutoring

Exploring the benefits of working with a tutor to prepare for upcoming final exams, this post looks into the pros of having a professional on your side who can give you the exam strategy you need.


Does Going to College Matter?

There has been much debate if going to college matters or if it is a complete waste of time, but what truly seems to matter is hard work and persistence regardless of if you go to college or not.