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Many people have their heads in the clouds. Hopefully not during statistics class, but if you have your eyes in the sky, it might be a sign that you are destined for a career as a pilot. In Anaheim, you can have all of the fun of flying without any of the responsibility of training and potentially crashing to the ground. You will not have to watch and pre-flight safety videos when you hop into the cockpit at Flightdeck Air Combat Center in Anaheim. Visitors can participate in realistic flight simulations, more real than you could find in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can follow your childhood dreams of flying planes in Anaheim.

My dream as a kid was to be the GM of the Anaheim, now Los Angeles, Angels. With beautiful weather, proximity to Orange County (home of my favorite TV show), and a pretty good team, I was intent on taking the team to greatness. Not that I was a good baseball player. I did not get glasses until after I stopped playing baseball, which probably did not help my poor hand-eye coordination. Instead, my goal was to approach from the statistics side, which was much more my speed.

Baseball is all about analytics these days and that starts with statistics. With statistics tutors in Anaheim, you can learn how to create models that project the future and make you better at spotting talent in advance. Our math tutors can help you figure out the ideal salaries of players based on statistical performance, which gives you a leg up in negotiations.

I took college statistics the same year that Albert Pujols contract expired in St. Louis, so I decided to use his upcoming contract as a topic for my final project. I used historical data on dollars spent per win to come up with a reasonable number to value the wins added by any given player. Using Pujols stats, I modeled the number of wins added you could reasonably expect and how many he could get if he performed at the same level without regression. Doing so, I figured out a salary range that showed that he would not be worth whatever his next contract was. Unfortunately for the Angels, they never got to see my project and overspent to get him. At age 39, Pujols still has $97 million left on his contract and is a shell of his former self. Maybe if their GM had used an Anaheim statistics tutor, he would not have left them in such a tough position.

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Benefits of Hiring a Statistics Tutor In Anaheim

One of the best places to eat in Anaheim is at Umami Burger. The gourmet burger restaurant is known for a delicious menu that features truffle burgers, Impossible burgers, and other specialty fare. The menu is pretty consistent restaurant-to-restaurant, but one of the best features is a signature burger at each location. The exclusive mix of toppings makes it so you can have a favorite Umami and a closer one that you do not go to because it is not the one for you.

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice to get the specialty service you want, but that is not the case with statistics tutoring in Anaheim. You do not have to go out of your way for a tutor because our private tutors come straight to you.

Instead of balancing time and quality, get the best of both worlds with Anaheim statistics tutoring.

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