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Who is Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant





Who is Ulysses S. Grant?


Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president of the United States. He served as president from 1869-1877. He was also the commander of the Union Army during the American Civil War.


Early Life


Ulysses S. Grant was born on April 27th, 1822. He grew up in Georgetown, Ohio. Grant’s father was a tanner. This meant that he worked tanning animal hides. Ulysses did not like this work at all and instead chose to work on a farm that his father also owned. While he was working on the farm, Ulysses developed a supreme skill with horses. This skill would serve him for the rest of his life.


In 1839, Ulysses S. Grant was accepted into West Point Military Academy. He attended this famous military school from 1839 until 1943. He didn’t really have military ambitions before entering West Point, but he was a bright young man who wanted to continue his education and West Point was one of the only ways for him to do that. He ended up excelling in mathematics and horsemanship at West Point and graduated 21rst in a class of 39.


Following his graduation, Grant served in the Mexican American War with distinction and then married Julia Boggs Dent, the sister of his roommate at West Point. He resigned from the army in 1854 when he was 32 years old. He then went on to try a number of different business ventures and had very little success. In 1860, Grant moved his family to Galena, Illinois and started working for his family’s leather goods business.