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Maiko Takenaka was born in Japan but also speaks fluent English. Being away from home made her appreciate her own culture and developed a passion to share it al... See more

  • ... South Seattle Community College
  • subject Japanese + 1 more
University of Washington - Women’s Health -Tutoring for 18 years

I received my Bachelor Degree from the University of Washington in 1996 with a 3.8 GPA. My degree was in Women’s Health; which included Graduate level nursing classes. I graduated from Seattle Central Community College in 1991 with a 4.0 GP... See more

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Algebra 1 + 41 more
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PhD/MA from UW - Bilingual English/Spanish tutoring & College Prep

I'm Max, a professional educator with a passion for writing, foreign language, and college prep/counseling. I have worked in many aspects of education, around the US and around the world, for over 20 years now and have served as a teacher,

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Elementary Math + 30 more
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French/English Tutor 4+ years. Vocal coach 3+ years. Yoga 2+ years.

Recently moved back to the United States after living 4 years in France.

French Information:

  • ... Eastern Oregon University
  • subject French + 2 more
UW Seattle Graduate & UH Mānoa Ph.D Student w/ Diverse XP

I completed my undergraduate degree in Comparative History of Ideas at UW Seattle in 2013. CHID is an interdisciplinary program which focuses more on content, form and purpose of academic research than it does on adherence to the teleology

  • ... Edmonds Community College
  • subject SAT Reading + 24 more
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Why You Need a Tutor In Seattle

Seattle has a strong science community within the city. But if you are in chemistry and not having a good time then you probably want no parts of anything that has to do with science. You are not getting along with your teacher and everything they say in class is bouncing right off you. Not being able to hang on to any of the information that is being conveyed is a problem that our tutors in Seattle see all the time.

Because of this, they have developed methods to fill in these holes. But when you are working with your own private science tutors you are getting these methods delivered in a style that is particular to you. Just because the techniques have worked in the past for others does not mean that they will work for you. This is one of our biggest qualms with the way the school system works.

Your chemistry teacher is using a syllabus and teaching style that they have used for years. That means there are no personalized lesson plans for students who are struggling. You either get the materials or you do not. This is incredibly problematic from your standpoint which is why you should have already begun your search for tutoring in Seattle. You must act now if you do not want to be on the failing end of this class.

The longer you wait the more the information is going to pile up and it will be virtually impossible for you to save yourself. Spending your summer in a class that you already despise is going to make this one of the worst vacations of your life. So plan on getting ahead in this class and maintaining good standing in your chemistry class. You will thank yourself later when you are able to enjoy the sights and activities in the magnificent city of Seattle.

UNR Physics graduate with 3+ years of tutoring experience

I graduated with the highest GPA out of all of the Physics majors for my year, and nearly every elective I took was in pure Math, to the point that I was only one computer science class away from dual majoring in Math. I worked for my unive... See more

  • ... University of Nevada - Reno
  • subject Algebra 1 + 22 more
Compassionate Multi-Subject Tutor

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I love to learn and have always excelled academically throughout K-12 and University. I graduated top of my class and attended an interdisciplinary private liberal arts college for und... See more

  • ... University of Puget Sound
  • subject Algebra 1 + 37 more
Enthusiastic Spanish teacher with over 8 years of experience!

Hello and congratulations on your decision to improve your language skills! I have been teaching since I graduated from college, and each year I find another reason to fall in love with the Spanish language and the many cultures related to

  • ... Dickinson College
  • subject High School Level English + 6 more
  • Very responsive
Margaret the Microbiologist

What type of bear dissolves in water? A polar bear!
Now that I have your attention, let me introduce myself. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, for which I had to take many hours of chemistry, math, and... See more

  • ... University of Nebraska Medical C...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 13 more
  • in 18 hours
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Certified Math tutor at North Seattle College

I love what I teach, and I have a passion for helping my students. Math is more than a subject for me, it is part of my identity, and I believe it can... See more

  • ... North Seattle Community College
  • subject Algebra 1 + 12 more

Benefits of Hiring a Tutor In Seattle

The Space Needle is one of the grandest architectural structures ever created. People come from all over the world in hopes of seeing this wondrous feat of human ingenuity. If this is something that motivates you, you are probably studying to become an architect.

One of the most difficult majors that a student can try to pursue, you are realizing that after only a few short weeks in school. Now you are at a crossroads. Your advisor sits you down and lets you know that either you are going to have to drastically make changes or drop this major. The latter should not even be an option for you. This should put a fire underneath you that makes you want to work harder with the help of an architecture tutor.

But you want to make sure that if you are putting the time in that it is valuable. That will happen when you tag team with a Seattle tutor. This is a win-win for you and your future career. Working with a tutor who is also a working professional essentially turns into a mentorship. Call up our reps and let them know your preferences so that they can get you matched with solid Seattle tutoring.