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Columbia University Graduate with Masters and 5+ Years of Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree from Columbia University and a Master's degree from Berklee College of Music. I started tutoring over five years ago because I believe strongly in the power of education, have always been a strong test-taker (99th... See more

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Brianna Elwood

2.1 miles away

Pine manor college graduate History and office major

I have an associates degree from BCC with a major in Office Admin. and theater. I have a bachelors degree from pine manor college with a major in history. I have 2 years experience in tutoring I enjoy teaching in many different area mainly

Rhenessa Lacerna

4.4 miles away

Bachelor's Degree in Communication

I have a Bachelor Degree in Communication which I have earned in the Philippines, and I am currently taking my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice with Emphasis in Legal Studies at Grand Canyon University. I do teach singing as well, as I h... See more

Friendly tutor here to help.

I recieved my Bachelor's of Arts from Warren Wilson college with a concentration in creative writing, I'm passionate about writing and creative thinking.

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Benefits of Hiring a Voice Tutor

Working one on one with a voice tutor can really help your pitch sound natural. Your confidence will build and your voice will become more stable. They can also help work with you on imitating melodies. The great thing about having your music tutor right by your side is the immediate feedback you receive. This helps relieve a lot of frustration when you have an outsider looking in that can identify what you’re doing wrong. HeyTutor’s mentors get to the bottom of helping you to connect your hearing pitches with your singing pitches. Overall this will help you to become a better musician, hints why the saying goes, “she has an ear for music.” They come hand in hand, your ears and your voice, and ironically enough they are both connected.

As a child singing can just be something fun for you to do. Most of us grow up singing and we all sound relatively good because of our high voices, but most of us do not take it seriously. However, there are a few who do take it seriously and they tend to take off as we get older and our voices begin to change. If your child wants to be a singer they need to work with a voice tutor in order to learn the in-depth factors of learning how to sing. By starting at a young age your child will be able to learn things that some singers do not figure out until they are much older in life. Your professional tutor will take it as slow or as fast as your child is learning so that they can retain everything they are learning. As they continue to go to sessions they will continue to build on the foundation being set by your tutor, and this tutelage can last for years.

Students in college and high school will need a much different lesson plan from a young child. Many of them are taking different courses or have needs that are required from older singers. Even if you did not start at a young age our tutors can make sure you understand the complicated techniques that all great singers understand. But not only will you learn about voice control and other important things, but you will also learn how to preserve your voice and take care of it. If you plan on being a professional one day you are going to have to take the necessary precautions in order to make sure you can keep singing until you are ready to retire. Our tutors will give you the tools you need to have longevity in a tough business to make it in because they have been there and done that.

Being a working musician can be a challenging career but it is also creative and you need to keep up with the trends. This may mean that if you are typically a guitar player, drummer or piano player you need to work on your voice as well. This will make you a full-fledged musician who can offer more to the band you are in or to potential gigs you may be able to get in the future. Also if you write music and typically play in the background but are growing tired of being a background act, working with a voice tutor can take you to center stage.

Playing an instrument and being able to sing at a high level is rare, so you might find that you have a career as a solo act or a lead singer. If you are already a lead singer in a band or doing your own thing, you may notice you are struggling to get over the hump. Hiring one of our voice tutors can truly help you get over it and help you find a new sound. You might be struggling because of the way you are singing does not suit your voice. Our tutors will take what they see about you and analyze your voice so that it reaches it’s fullest potential. Working with one of our voice tutors could truly change your career for the best. So go ahead and take that step toward a better career. Work with one of our professional voice tutors at HeyTutor today and find out what a little voice training can do for your future.