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Found 134 French tutors in San Antonio, TX

Karen Clark Nagy

2.3 miles away

Thankspiration Life Coach with 10+years of extraordinary experience!

Welcome! I have a masters in Psychology with a concentration in mediation/conflict resolution. I am also a certified community coach, disaster relief coach, and life coach. In addition, I am certified in life skills and social emotional

  • ... University of the Rockies
  • subject French + 9 more
Eric Chausow

3.6 miles away

UCSD Poli Sci Student w/ +4 years tutoring College Students

I'm currently a Political Science student who's on pace to graduate this year. I've been tutoring for the last 4 years for both Community College and University level students, but I love tutoring those of all ages! I have an expansive unde... See more

  • ... University of California - San D...
  • subject French + 4 more
Amber C.

1.6 miles away

Former Engineering Major with 7+ Years of Tutoring Experience!

Starting back as early as I can remember I fell in love with math and science. I felt as if I was learning a language that I already knew, and from that moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life learning more about it. When I star... See more

Esme Barniskis

3.2 miles away

English and Writing Tutor for all Skill Levels

I have a Bachelor's in English from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2017. I then went on to receive my Master's in American Studies from Purdue University in 2019. I have experience teaching at th... See more

April Graham

1.4 miles away

English PhD, certified teacher, 10 years HS and college teaching

I have a PhD in English and many years of experience teaching high school and college students. Helping students improve their writing and see the beauty and artistry of literature are my specialties! I also teach test prep strategies and v... See more

  • ... Rutgers, The State University of...
  • subject French + 14 more

Why You Need a French Tutor In San Antonio

San Antonio French Tutors


You can speak better French and pass your class with the help of qualified San Antonio French Tutors. HeyTutor’s large network of local and online tutors are pre-screened to make sure you get the academic help you need from language experts who want to help you learn. It’s the smart way to get the help you need.


French Tutors You Can Count On


Not all tutors are created equal. When you pick a tutor off your school's job board or through a web search for San Antonio French tutors, you have to spend hours interviewing candidates and vetting references with no guarantee that you will find who you need. HeyTutor removes the labor and guesswork. Just filter our list of qualified tutors for experts who fit your schedule and learning style. If you don’t have a productive first session with a tutor, we’ll credit it back to your account for the risk-free tutoring you need.


The Help You Need


Finding your on-demand tutor is simple. Pick your tutoring package and the expert you want to learn from. Payments and scheduling are all handled through our secure site for your protection, so you can book your session with peace of mind. That’s tutoring you can trust delivered on your schedule.


Better Education

Get the help you need to work for better French grades. Schedule your one-on-one tutoring with San Antonio French Tutors from HeyTutor today.

Arezki Adjoudj

1.3 miles away

Electrical engineer

I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with BS in Electrical Engineering. I have always been fascinated with math specialy and engineering in general. Math is a language, just like any other languages it has roles, grammar... See more

  • ... The University of Texas at San A...
  • subject French + 6 more
Delphine Gunning

4.7 miles away

Texas certified teacher with 10 years international experience

Bonjour, I am from France and I have 10 years of tutoring and teaching experience for all levels including AP. I love my job and sharing my knowledge with my students. I have taught all over our beautiful planet. I am now back in Texas and

  • ... University of the Incarnate Word
  • subject French + 1 more
Passionate Tutor

I hope that my students will enjoy learning from me because I enjoy it when my students learn in a fun way and dont feel pressured or frustrated when they don't understand. I will be happy to help my students become indepent learners.

  • ... The University of Texas at San A...
  • subject French + 5 more
Gavin Gray

2.5 miles away

Tutoring in essay writing and research in liberal arts.

Hello! If you need help writing essays, conducting research, or just need general assistance in a subject I am here to help.
I have a working knowledge of the French language, and published academic writin... See more

  • ... The University of Texas at San A...
  • subject French + 14 more
Myriam Downey

3.5 miles away

Certified teacher in all content areas

I have taught Ela, Esl, science, reading and math I am available to tutor in all subjects.

  • ... Lincoln Memorial University
  • subject French + 9 more
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