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Found 112 ACT tutors in San Antonio, TX

Courtney Carroll

4.4 miles away

Biology College Professor with 5+ Years of Education Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from a top liberal arts college in New York. I then received my PhD in Neuroscience from Cornell. I have science at many grade levels, from middle school through college. I currently work as a Prof... See more

  • ... New York - Presbyterian Hospital...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 27 more
  • Immediately
Amanda Pina

2.3 miles away

Texas A&M Alumna, current UHCO Student, 5+ years tutoring experience


I have been informally tutoring my younger siblings and friends for as long as I... See more



Former high school math teacher with 10+ years tutoring experience

I have a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Washington and two bachelor's degrees from Texas A&M University. I am a former high school math teacher who was certified to teach in the state of Texas for grades 4

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Algebra 1 + 29 more
  • in a day or more
UTSA MBA Candidate with 3+ Years Tutoring Experience

My background:
I am currently an Enrollment Advisor for one of the largest accredited online universities in the nation, and I was previously a Project Manager for a digital m... See more

  • ... The University of Texas at San A...
  • subject Logic + 41 more
Rebecca V.

4 miles away

Friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable math tutor

I understand that not everybody is comfortable with math so I make every effort to speak to my students in a manner they can understand and learn the necessary terminology over time with patience and compassion. I carry modeling clay, paper... See more

  • ... The University of Texas at San A...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 10 more

Why You Need a ACT Tutor In San Antonio

San Antonio is known for having fantastic Tex-Mex cuisine. This type of food combines several different cultures to come out with something unique. The ACT combines several different topics to create a one of a kind exam. Chances are there will never be a time in your life where you have to take a test that is even remotely similar to the ACT. If you want to get it right on your first try then you need to enlist the help of a San Antonio ACT tutor.

Just like American and Mexican food were made better when they came together, you will be a better student when you come together with an ACT tutor. Unless you get a perfect score on the ACT you can always improve when you have the help of a professional. However, you are going to have to work hard and apply yourself. But when you do all of these things then you have the perfect recipe for your success.

Tex-Mex cuisine is filled with several types of recipes that have never been seen before, your tutor will also use this same type of originality. For example, you might be struggling with the reading section of the ACT.

Our ACT reading tutors are going to understand the style in which you learn before they even start creating your lesson plan. So what they will cook up for you will be particular to your personality and learning style. The only thing that is more unique in town than Tex-Mex is our ACT tutors in San Antonio.

Mei Li Hester

5 miles away

Experienced science/math tutor from middle school - professional level

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Pre-Health and a Master of Science in Cell Systems and Anatomy. Over the past 5 years, I have tutored and taught students in math, ranging from pre-algebra to college algebra and science, specializin... See more

Grace Yun

2.4 miles away

Trinity University student with 3+ years of SAT tutoring experience

I am an academic merit scholarship recipient and have scored 1510 on the SAT and 34 for ACT. I have tested 800 on mathematics and have plenty resources to strengthen student's vocabulary, grammar and mathematical skills.

  • ... Trinity University
  • subject Actuarial Science + 39 more
Aaron Miller

4.6 miles away


I have 16 years of teaching and training experience. I am capable if tutoring all ages. I specialize in the following:

... See more

Avery Pruski

1.1 miles away

Math Tutor

I’m a mathematics major at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I’ve tutored for 2 years now and absolutely love it! My favorite math subject is calculus, but I love all levels of math!

  • ... The University of Texas at San A...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 16 more
Thomas Gillen

5 miles away

Former Director of Admission at City University of New York

Thirty Years of teaching experience in History and English

  • ... John Jay College of Criminal Jus...
  • subject Common Core + 53 more
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Benefits of Hiring a ACT Tutor In San Antonio

If you have ever said to your self “I do not want to take the ACT” you are not alone. We get calls from students all the time who just are not motivated to take this exam. They want to go to college and all, but the thought of taking the ACT is not something they can handle. This can be happening for several reasons, but one of the most popular is the student struggles with test anxiety.

So instead of facing this issue head on, they are trying to avoid it. But that cannot happen if you are actually serious about pursuing your chance of getting a degree. Our test preparation tutors know that you are going to have to take exams for the rest of your educational career, so you need to learn skills right now.

When you get ACT tutoring in San Antonio supplied by HeyTutor you will be working with an expert who can give you skills that are transferrable to the college system. That is the best part about working with HeyTutor, we take the time and effort to give you lasting lessons. The test is important but you being able to find success at the next level is what really matters.

San Antonio ACT tutoring is something that is easier to find than a Spurs fan in this beautiful city. We have the database of San Antonio tutors that you are going to want to take full advantage of right away.