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Sergio Paredes

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Texas State Biology Graduate With 3+ Years Tutoring Experience

I graduated Texas State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology. While in college I was a Supplemental Instructor (SI) where I would tutor college students in traditionally-difficult courses. Subjects I tutored were general chemi... See more



Former high school math teacher with 10+ years tutoring experience

I have a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Washington and two bachelor's degrees from Texas A&M University. I am a former high school math teacher who was certified to teach in the state of Texas for grades 4

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Algebra 1 + 29 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Tutor In San Antonio

English is incredibly important toward how we communicate with each other. If your child does not have a solid understanding of the English language then it is going to be incredibly difficult for them to hold a meaningful job when they get older. College will be out of the question because they have to write an entrance essay.

If your child is not learning the basics in their fourth grade English class then there is no way they are going to be able to write an essay that will get them into college. You know all of this and it is probably driving you crazy which is why you have been searching for tutoring in San Antonio. The type the help your child is going to need is going to go far beyond what you can supply so it is time to bring in the help of a professional.

With HeyTutor your child will only be working alongside someone who best suits their needs as a student. We have English (K-8) tutors who specialize in fourth grade English. By sitting down with your child and understanding what their issues are in the class the tutor will create a lesson plan that is entirely based on the needs of your student.

At one point your child might have despised English, but after spending time with their tutor they are beginning to enjoy themselves. This is what the HeyTutor experience is all about. There is no better time to get your child the San Antonio tutoring they need than right now. Let our team of reps get things going for your child.