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Found 167 Geometry tutors in Laredo, TX

Math and science turoring with a focus on test prep.

My first experience tutoring came while attending the University of Southern California in 2005. There, I assisted fellow classmates in preparing for upcoming exams and found great reward in helping others gain confidence in their academics... See more

  • ... University of Southern Californi...
  • subject Geometry + 53 more
  • in 1 hours
Lidia Ruiz

2.6 miles away

Master in Physics and Astronomy

I have a MSc in Physics, my research experience is in astrophysics, specifically analyzing stellar atmospheres, stellar evolution and sources of gravitational waves like black holes and neutron stars. I'm from El Salvador, so my native lang... See more

  • ... Washington State University
  • subject Geometry + 20 more
  • Very responsive
Vivek Patel

3.7 miles away

Expert Tutor in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics

I attended the University of California, Riverside earning a BS in Microbiology. Furthermore, I am a recent graduate of Boston University earning an MS in Oral Biology. At UCR I had the privilege of conducting undergraduate research and rec... See more

  • ... Boston University
  • subject Geometry + 11 more
  • in 1 hours
Mohith Mothukuri

4.7 miles away

Columbia Engineering Student with 6+ years Experience in STEM Tutoring

Dear Parents and Students,

I’d love to mentor you or your child! With over 6 years experience tutoring math... See more

  • ... Columbia University in the City...
  • subject Geometry + 57 more
  • Very responsive
Farzad Sepahifar

2.3 miles away

Medical Student class of 2021

I’m currently a medical student on my break. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology from UCI. Over the past extensive years of schooling I have learned, what are the best ways to learn a lot of material in a very short time and retain them a... See more

  • ... University of California - Irvin...
  • subject Geometry + 27 more
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Why You Need a Geometry Tutor In Laredo

Texas is a pretty huge state. There are more big cities in Texas than in some other entire states. For example, Laredo is the tenth biggest city in Texas, yet it has more people than the most populous cities in Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and more. Some states struggle to support even one sports team, but Texas is overflowing, with two baseball teams, three basketball teams, and two football teams, and that does not even include all of the college and high school athletics that are also so important in Texas. Even with massive arenas all around, Laredo does not really have any Texan neighbors. It is right on the border with Mexico, likely closer to Monterrey than other major cities in Texas like San Antonio or Corpus Christi. That is why it is not so surprising that there are enough people to serve that the Laredo Energy Arena, now the Sames Auto Arena, was able to exist and thrive. It is not often that a venue like that can survive without professional sports, but it has managed to get by with just independent league hockey and arena football.

One of the things that makes the arena so unique is the ability to cater to Hispanic and Latino audiences, which is also true of geometry tutors in Laredo. We have tutors in Laredo that fit the want for tutors that are culturally like you. For example, the arena brings in artists with a larger Hispanic following than most others, bringing with it a specific, Laredo flair that is local to the area. Most other places tout the standard fare, maybe getting lucky when a Beyonce or Lady Gaga comes to town. In Laredo, the big concert that everyone is excited for is Wisin and Yandel’s first US tour, coming off of their five year hiatus. The Puerto Rican duo is only making a few stops, but the Laredo Hispanic population is enough to put it alongside Miami, Chicago, and LA as stops on the tour.

Where most of the country caters to English-speaking Americans, Laredo is able to open up to Spanish-speaking just-as-Americans the same way we do with our math tutors. When you sign up with HeyTutor, we work with you to build a profile based on your interests and preferences. If that means signing you up with someone that speaks Spanish, but teaches geometry, we have the Laredo geometry tutor for you.

Farhan Kassam

1.9 miles away

University Undergraduate with 4 months teaching experience in GED

Hi. My name is Farhan. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia in Canada pursuing a Bachelor of Science. I happen to be very fluent in speaking English and Gujarati and partially fluent in Swahili, Urdu... See more

  • ... University of British Columbia,...
  • subject Geometry + 29 more
  • Very responsive
David I.

1.9 miles away

Mathematics and Chemistry Tutor

I have over two years of experience tutoring mathematics, 1 year as a private tutor, 1 year of volunteering. I have volunteered teaching low income children how to do middle school mathematics (prealgebra, fractions, and unit conversion).

  • ... Texas A&M University
  • subject Geometry + 26 more
  • in 2 hours
Wence Ortiz

3.2 miles away

(1 ratings)
engineering student with prior tutoring experience in math

I'm a junior and currently pursing a degree in engineering with dual minors in computer science and mathematics. I am passionate about math and like t... See more

  • ... University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
  • subject Geometry + 14 more
  • Very responsive
Highly Qualified Math Teacher - Flexible Availability


I worked as a high school math teacher for five years and recently finished an M... See more

  • ... University of Georgia
  • subject Geometry + 39 more
  • Very responsive
Jeremy Davis

2 miles away

Award Winning Physics Graduate & Poet, Tutor for All Ages

I've been an Independent tutor mainly in math and science to elementary, middle, high school and college students (up to the level of elementary quantum mechanics and elementary differential equations) across NYC, and helped with homework a... See more

  • ... City College of New York of the...
  • subject Geometry + 17 more
  • Very responsive
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Benefits of Hiring a Geometry Tutor In Laredo

In Laredo, February 22 is not the only day that celebrates George Washington’s birthday. Actually, if we are splitting hairs, we recognize his birthday between February 15 and 21 every year, so nobody really celebrates on February 22, but you get the point. Laredo’s celebration is not Presidents Day. It is more like Presidents Month. Festivities can include a jalapeno festival, air shows, parades, fireworks, a city-wide prom, and more. They realize that one day is not enough to honor our first president, so they commit to more.

That is the same with geometry tutoring in Laredo vs. just going to regular school. Many people think that going to school is enough, but that is just the bare minimum and that rarely is enough. With our geometry tutors, we make up the difference to take you beyond just enough.

Laredo geometry tutoring is for the people who know that just enough is never enough. We want to bring you closer to your maximum potential.