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Found 108 Statistics tutors in Houston, TX. Statistics tutoring in Houston, TX

CSUN, MBA Graduate with 19 years of teaching experience

I have been teaching all kind of mathematics, finance, economics and accounting for 19 years. My bachelor is applied mathematics. My first master is industrial engineering and the second one is MBA. I was university professor. Now, I am tea... See more

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  • subject Statistics + 16 more
University of Houston graduate with 3+ yrs experience in Tutoring

I have a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston and have 3+ years experience in Tutoring mostly college students, but also students across all grade levels.
... See more

  • ... University of Houston
  • subject Statistics + 23 more
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UCSB graduate with more than 10 years' teaching/tutoring experience

I have an M.A in Education from UC Santa Barbara (specialized in Math and Science Education). I have CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) teaching certificate and I have taught/tutored hundreds of students both in the U.S, and i... See more

  • ... University of California - Santa...
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Math and Computer Science Professor with 7+ Years of Teaching and Tuto

I have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Education as well as a Master's Degree in Copmuter Science. I have taught high school math for 5 years and I have tutored all levels from 3rd grade up to college and beyond for over 7 years. I h... See more

  • ... Franciscan University of Steuben...
  • subject Statistics + 28 more
Enthusiastic math teacher specializing in algebra and calculus

I have been teaching high school and college math for 6 years.

As a child, I was terrible at math. In high school, an amazing math teacher chan... See more

  • ... Iowa State University
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Why You Need a Statistics Tutor In Houston

There is not one way to learn a subject, but it might feel that way in your current classroom. The teacher is going to use a method that has worked for years as they teach to the middle of the class. This means students who are thriving are going to be bored and students who are having difficulties will be left behind. The middle of the class will just float along and get their grade but more often than not they will not retain anything that they have learned.

This is because it does not make sense to think that one teaching style is going to work for dozens of students. That is why our Houston statistics tutors take a unique approach to the way they work with you. These are not just recycled programs that they feel are going to work for you, they will communicate with you to see what is working and what is not.

If you are barely holding your own in class then a private statistics tutor in Houston is an absolute essential. You have to invest in yourself to make sure that you are learning this valuable information. One of our biggest pet peeves at HeyTutor is when we see students take advanced level courses such as these but do not know how to apply it in the real world.

This is why we started HeyTutor and why your math tutor is going to make sure everything sticks with you. Your grade is important but your development as an independent thinker who can utilize statistics is the true end goal.

BA, Mathematics

I have a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics. I have been tutoring for 5+ years. If you are looking for a fun and outgoing tutor, I am your guy. I have tutored all age levels from 3rd graders to college students. I am patient and love to invest... See more

Biology (Pre-Med) Graduate, with minors in Chemistry and Psychology.

Pre-medical intern at Cramer Family Clinic, MO. College level tutor and mentor. Honors student, Alpha Chi, and Sigma Zeta member. Experience in hands-on Microbiology/Biochemistry laboratory work, Field Biology, as well as independent and gu... See more

  • ... Missouri Valley College
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Your CFO on the Go !

University of Houston Clear Lake Graduate with24 years business experience can help with your business class challenges. I am an expert in finance, and currently lead small businesses as their part time CFO.

  • ... University of Houston - Clear La...
  • subject Statistics + 30 more
Professional Ivy League Tutor

I am a professional Tutor with a Master's Degree in Mathematics and have helped many students pass their exams and get into Ivy League Schools. Referrals will get you a free month of lessons!

  • ... Columbia University in the City...
  • subject Statistics + 45 more
My name is Harold Odili. My future ambition is to be a pharmacist.

I am easy going, laid back, willing to explain further and use as many illustrations as possible for you to understand what exactly is necessary to further you goals.

  • ... Texas Southern University
  • subject Statistics + 15 more

Benefits of Hiring a Statistics Tutor In Houston

When you are able to work with a statistics tutor in Houston who has a proven track record the cons are hard to find. If you grind and put in the time while listening to what they are stating, your needs will be met. These are not casual students in college who want to make a quick buck. However, these are trained individuals who know exactly what they are doing.

Some of our tutors are even certified teachers so you know you will be getting a quality match. Being at the negative end of a statistics grade can have you feeling completely consumed. Things just are not as fun when the idea of failing a class such as this is looming. “I need a statistics tutor in Houston” has to be something that you have said, but maybe you were not sure of how to get it done.

You need to believe in HeyTutor because we can hook you up with the most professional tutors in the business. These are individuals who are just as qualified as your professor which will allow you to rest assured that things are going to go well. They will create a climate that is perfect for your knowledge of statistics to sprout.

At HeyTutor we specialize in helping you find a Houston statistics tutor that is perfect for you. We have fantastic deals on statistics tutoring in Houston so come check them out. Do not hold yourself back any longer and start working with HeyTutor.