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Found 199 NCLEX tutors in Houston, TX

Minh Tran

1.5 miles away

Experienced Chemistry/Bio and Math tutor with endless success stories

My name is Minh Tran and I have been tutoring students since 2012. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Biomedical Science and a minor in Chemistry. I primarily tutor Chemistry (specializing at the AP Chemistry level), various levels of math

  • ... Marist College
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Margaret Duden

4 miles away

Stanford-educated multi-subject tutor

I am a Stanford University graduate who is passionate about the value of education. My undergraduate major was Anthropology, but a I took a wide range of coursework in science, computer programming, the humanities, and foreign languages (Fr... See more

  • ... Stanford University
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Dana Hardock

2.3 miles away

Mathematics Teacher - Middle School Interventionist

I am currently a Middle School Mathematics Teacher for grades 6-8, who loves making learning engaging and relevant to student's lives. I teach basic skills in regular education classroom settings. I specifically target struggling learners a... See more

  • ... Montclair State University
  • subject NCLEX + 5 more
Joel Tebbenkamp

2.5 miles away

Public Speaking Coach

Public speaking skills continue to be one of the most important skill sets needed in order to be successful in business and group communication. Yet, most people remain unconfident and/or poorly deliver their ideas leaving their audience un... See more

Stephanie Franer

2.9 miles away

Let's Learn!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile. My name is Stephanie Franer and I am currently a 7th grade teacher. My teaching licensure spans grades 7-12, with specialization in English Language Arts. Because I majored in En... See more

Edna Oga

3.6 miles away

Little Ms French

I have a Bachelor's degree in French & Linguistics, two Master's degrees in French Language and in French Studies respectively. I also have a Teaching Certificate from France. French has become a part of my identity as everywhere I've work... See more

  • ... Montclair State University
  • subject NCLEX
Sara Levitt

4.9 miles away

UofL English/Creative Writing Graduate with 5+ Years Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a minor in Political Science from the University of Louisville and have 5 years of extensive experience teaching students of all ages (kindergarten to college). I also have a Master's deg... See more

  • ... University of Louisville
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Lauren Jacobson

3.4 miles away

Enthusiastic Certified Teacher

I am an enthusiastic teacher ready to help maximize any student's learning potential and achievements. I specialize with using STEM/STEAM initiatives and project-based learning to transcend English Language Learning (ELL) boundaries and tra... See more

Tim G.

1.5 miles away

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University of Pittsburgh Grad and 10-Year Experienced Lecturer

I have my BS in Developmental Psychology from Pitt and am currently in a masters program to be certified to teach Pre-K to 4th Grade General Education... See more

  • ... University of Pittsburgh - Main...
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Brittany Jenkins

3.5 miles away

Brittany Jenkins. College student studying Veterinary medicine.

Hi there, thanks for viewing me as a potential candidate! I am a second year college student studying to become a Veterinarian.
I am also a Martial arts instructor, I teach kids with all abilities ranging fro... See more