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Bartley Williams

2.9 miles away

16 Year, Certified Mathlete In Public Education Classroom- The Answer!

My name is Bart. My history as a successful Math teacher is the answer to your tutoring questions! Not only am I from a family of educators, but I have a history of Math Test scores that have been on the increase each year. I have an extens... See more

  • ... Truett-McConnell College
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Tasha S.

3.7 miles away

Juries Doctorate

Hi, my name is Tasha and I earned my Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.

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  • ... Loyola Marymount University
  • subject MCAT + 50 more
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Mariel Dimidio

3.2 miles away

Need Detail-Oriented Writing Help? I Can Help You Find Joy In Writing!

Hi! I'm Mariel, and I've known I wanted to be a teacher since seventh grade, when my language arts teacher really believed in me and supported me in writing and editing a 50 page novella. Looking back, the novella was pretty terrible, but t... See more

Andres Rincon

4.1 miles away

Architectural Designer with 6+ of Experience

I currently work at an architectural firm in the Boston area where I help design and go through the process of architectural projects on a day to day basis. I hold an Associate Degree in Architectural Engineering and a Bachelors of Architec... See more

  • ... Norwalk Community College
  • subject MCAT + 2 more
Maria Martin

4.2 miles away

Your "Go-to" English Tutor- All skill levels! 8+ years Experience

Hello! I am a professional English tutor and Educational Assistant. Do you need a second set of eyes to proofread an essay? Do you feel confused about what exactly was assigned and how to get started? Are you feeling discouraged about your

Paul Walsh

1.3 miles away

Nine Years Teaching College History Courses - Nine Years Tutoring

Dedicated to Achieving Comprehension and Improving Grades - Having pursued a life-long fascination with past and present civilizations around the world, I chose to earn a BA in Political Science and a Master's in History. I began teaching

Emily Z.

1.6 miles away

Spanish/ESL/ELA Tutor

Hello! I am a certified Spanish teacher who has a wide variety of teaching experience, both here and abroad in Latin America. I have been a middle school Spanish teacher for the past two years. I have also taught high school Spanish. I had

  • ... Valdosta State University
  • subject MCAT + 8 more
Mark Carrier

4.2 miles away

I Provide a Rewarding Tutor Experience

I am a dedicated elementary teacher who enjoys working with students. They were the reason I entered the teaching profession in 1978. Throughout my teaching career, I received positive feedback from my administrators and parents. I also was... See more

  • ... Illinois State University
  • subject MCAT + 5 more
High school and College Students

I have done projects and worked with students to achieve their goals.

My Qualifications:

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UDCA In Ancient History and Philosophy

focuses on translating and analyzing ancient texts. In some cases, they may even work on archaeological digs

  • ... University of California - Berke...
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