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Found 123 LSAT tutors in Dallas, TX

Donald Leblanc

4.7 miles away

BSN trained Nurse with 18 years of bedside experience

I am a BSN trained Nurse with 18 years of a wide variety of bedside experience. I have worked Medical/Surgical, Orthopedics, and Telemetry. A majority of my background is in Critical Care Nursing with experience in Medical, Cardiac and Surg... See more

  • ... Fitchburg State University
  • subject LSAT
Marti R.

3.6 miles away

M.Ed., Math Instruction & Curriculum with over 10 years tutoring exper

I went back to school late. Real late, like when I was 50! I was just taking math classes for fun at the local community college and landed a math tutoring job at a local high school. The teachers there encouraged me to get my Bachelor's de... See more

Zaki Collins

3.7 miles away

UMBC Spanish Major

I am currently attending UMBC as a Spanish and Elementary Education major. It is my goal to be a teacher. I have always had a passion for science and Spanish and I love to share that passion with others. I was a member of my high school's c... See more

  • ... University of Maryland - Baltimo...
  • subject LSAT + 4 more
Derrick Jefferies, Masters in Systems Engineering

Hello, my name is Derrick Jefferies and I a Lead Systems Engineer for the Marine Corps in VA! I have been working for the USMC for the past 5 years! Before that, I was a Test Engineer for Lockheed Martin in NY!
... See more

Nicole Rankine

3.2 miles away

Research Scientist with 15+ years in biological sciences

Hello, students, my name is Dr. Nicole Rankine. I have a Ph.D. and MS in Public Health as well as a MS in Biology. I have over 15 years of experience as a Research Scientist in the area of biology, microbiology and environmental health. I a... See more

Reading and spelling tutoring that works, wherever you are.

Students I specialize in struggle with spelling, even high frequency words like "because" and "friend". Although they can sometimes read (up to a point) they have great difficulty sounding out unknown words. Often, their ability to read and... See more

  • ... San Francisco State University
  • subject LSAT
Mohammed Hussain

2.5 miles away

Mathematics, Statistics, Biostatistics, Engineering Mathematics, HS Ma

Passionate about teaching at any level because I love to interact with young adults from 10-90 years; I bring the beauty of Mathematics, Statistics, or Physics to my students regardless of the students past experiences with these subjects.

Asha Dixon

3 miles away

Graduate with 2 years of teaching experience

Hello, my name is Asha and I have a strong passion for teaching. When I lived in Thailand, I taught English as a second language and I also have experience teaching statistics in Greater Philadelphia. Moreover, I have a good amount of avail... See more

Arun Avva

1.9 miles away

Harvard Law Grad, Experienced LSAT and Law Tutor

Hello! I scored a 178 on the LSAT and later graduated Harvard Law School manga cum laude. I have tutored dozens of students in the LSAT and in various law school courses. My LSAT students have all improved an average of 10-20 points. I love... See more

Victoria Barr

4.2 miles away

LSAT; Legal writing; drafting and editing

Have always tutored on my spare time. I love pushing my students into their true potential.

  • ... Case Western Reserve University
  • subject LSAT + 1 more
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