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Found 202 Biology tutors in Dallas, TX

Sanath Vurelli

1.7 miles away

ASU Electrical Masters Graduate

Hey, I am Sanath, working professional with a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University. I have worked as a teaching aid for master' level course for a year, helped students’ clear doubts in course topics and h... See more

Ling S.

1.9 miles away

Python Tutoring


Do you want to get 1:1 training with modern day software engineering tools? Such... See more

  • ... University of California - San D...
  • subject Biology + 2 more
Devin Barlaan

3.7 miles away

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

I am currently a fourth year doctoral student pursing a degree in Clinical Psychology. I received my BA in Psychology, with a Leadership Studies minor, at The University of North Carolina Wilmington. After graduation, I earned my MS at Sout... See more

Mark Lombardo

3.1 miles away

Experienced International, Private and Public School Teacher

I have more than thirty years experience as a secondary classroom teacher in the subjects of French, History, Social Studies and English-as-a-Second-Language. Having worked with teenagers my entire professional career, I know what obstacles... See more

  • ... University of Maryland - College...
  • subject Biology + 8 more
Bryan Wulff

4.1 miles away

Special Education Teacher of 9+ years and Executive Functioning Coach

I have a Master's of Education degree from Lesley University specializing in Moderate Disabilities (Grades 5-12) and have worked as a Special Education teacher for 6 years in middle school and 3 years in high school. This work has consisted... See more

Why You Need a Biology Tutor In Dallas

Dallas is a city that is filled with attractions and things to do, but nothing is less attractive than being on the failing end of a biology class. Your child might be struggling severely in their biology class for several reasons and you are not sure what to do. First off, you need to bring in a specialist and find a biology tutor in Dallas right away.

Our science tutors will be able to get to the root of the problem and fix it. This is what they do professionally, not just as a part-time job. We have such a large pool of tutors that some of them have even worked as a teacher or are currently employed as a teacher. So they know how to convey information in a way that is understandable for your child.

These reasons, along with several others, are why you need to have your child work with a biology tutor in Dallas. To have this opportunity is essentially giving your child a second chance at this tricky course. Biology tutors in Dallas will come in and do a complete overhaul. When your child is done working with our professional tutors they will be confident when they walk back into class.

This is because they have put in good hours with a fantastic teacher who knows what they are doing. This confidence will pass down to your child so that they become more adept in this class. It does not matter what issues your student is having, one of our tutors at HeyTutor will get to the bottom of it

Erin Lafond

2.7 miles away

Experienced and highly-educated writing tutor for college students

My goal is to help students become stronger and more confident writers. I am a writing expert with an advanced degree from Boston College. During my time there, I was a Writing Fellow which means I worked one-on-one with students throughout... See more

  • ... Southern New Hampshire Universit...
  • subject Biology + 2 more
Megan Phan

1 miles away

Syracuse University Chemistry and Neuroscience Graduate

I have Bachelor of Science degrees in both Chemistry and Neuroscience from Syracuse University. I am a graduate of SU's distinguished Renee Crown University Honors Program. I am a versatile tutor as a result of my experiences working with c... See more

Karissa Zakas

2.2 miles away

SSU Early Childhood Education & Geography graduate | SEI Endorsed

Hello! My name is Karissa and I currently have my bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education with a double major in Geography. I will be graduating with my Master's of Education in May of 2020. I have been tutoring for over 7 years and ha... See more

  • ... Salem State University
  • subject Biology + 9 more
Kamara Mcneil

2.9 miles away

Creative and Interpersonal Teacher

I have been teaching Biology and ACT/SAT prep for 3 years. This is my second career after the military. My background is in business administration, automotive mechanics, science, health/fitness, and in ACT/SAT preparation. I love making le... See more

  • ... National University
  • subject Biology + 26 more
  • in a day or more
Briana Harry

4.9 miles away

Dallas Baptist University graduate with 4 years of Biology teaching

I have taught Biology in Dallas ISD for the past four years. I am able to make real world connections with my students to help them retain the tricky Biology content.

  • ... Dallas Baptist University
  • subject Biology

Benefits of Hiring a Biology Tutor In Dallas

Teaching a class like biology is a challenge in itself. Most students are not interested in science so it is hard to relate to them. On top of that, the subject matter is not easy whatsoever so the minute students start zoning out it is going to hurt them. As a teacher, this is one of the most difficult things to see but you can avoid it.

Before you even step foot in the classroom you want to make sure that you are prepared. Working with someone who has years of experience as a teacher is going to act as mentorship for you. This is why you know “I need a biology tutor in Dallas.” Your tutor will give you insight that only another teacher can provide and it will be invaluable to your teaching experience. They have proven techniques that they can pass down to you so that you can make them your own.

That is not something that you will get while you are in college. On top of this, your tutor can also make sure you know everything well enough to teach it in the first place. Going over this material with someone who is a professional tutor and teacher is going to only do good things for you. You will master this subject matter so that you can properly convey the information to the next generation of great scientific minds.

Biology tutoring in Dallas can make a difference in the lives of so many different people. So no matter what your struggles are, we have the tutors for you. Go ahead and get the process going right now by calling up our team of reps. They will get you matched with a tutor quicker than you can describe what an amoeba is. Do not wait any longer, get things going with a Dallas biology tutor today.