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Hello everyone! I have been a online tutoring for several years. I have tutored in subjects such as writing, psychology, criminal justice, English, and other subjects. I have my Masters in Forensic Psychology and my Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

I have worked in the psychology field for several years. I worked with at risk youth for two years and eight months. A lot of these kids had mental disorders. I would teach them social skills and help them to recover.

I also worked as a addiction counselor where I helped rehabilitate and provide counseling to people that were addicted to drugs. I would use treatment planning and use counseling methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and solution based therapy to help provide assistance to them.

I also work for two tutoring companies and I tutor in different subjects such as writing, psychology, English, criminal justice, and others. I have a 82-0 rating on the site which 82 likes and zero dislikes. I help students by going through the problems with them and assisting them to the right answer.

I also currently work as a correctional case manager over a substance abuse unit at a prison. I help do profiling work such as risk assessments and classifications. I also teach classes such as parenting and processing group. This helps inmates rehabilitate so they can go out to the community to become productive citizens.



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