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Greetings, my name is Jordan. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Once upon a time, I was in your child's shoes struggling with the responsibilities of life. My parents had a vision for me that, like most things, I disputed. However, now that I have just about made it, I want to be able to give back to the youth. Based on my experiences it seems that children are regressing in their desires to learn! I want to reverse this trend and motivate adolescents to excel. Children spend too much time undoing everything a parent does to make their life better, when they have no idea the sacrifices made for them! Life is tough but anyone can accomplish greatness with a fine-tuned urgency to stand out and produce. If you give me the privilege to assist in your child's academics I will allow them to gain confidence and proficiency in their own work and abilities!

In my most recent tutoring experience I assisted high school students in Mathematics. I determined the main issue with my clients wasn't necessarily a lack of understanding, but instead a lack of motivation and organization. I feel that the best way to persuade is to have one who can personally relate to the issue. Life is too easy BEFORE college not to excel! Unless the student is 16 AND working, what is to be taking up significant amounts of their time besides studying? I also stressed to them that every decision affects a later course of action. For example, if one chooses not to be an above average student then potential scholarships and top-tier schools in their respective studies are discarded! So with my time equates dedication because I believe kids are the future and learning will never cease!



North Carolina A & T State University

Mechanical Engineering




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Casey D.
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Over an hour late and totally unprepared. It seemed like he either wasn’t familiar with the material or he was unable to articulate it. This was not someone who was helpful.

a year ago
Casey D. reviews Jordan Watley