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Maiko Takenaka

Japanese and Yoga tutor

location Seattle, WA
education South Seattle Community College

About Maiko

Maiko Takenaka was born in Japan but also speaks fluent English. Being away from home made her appreciate her own culture and developed a passion to share it all over the world. She enjoyed telling about everything about Japan not just its language so once you hear the stories from her; you will fall in love in its culture and make you feel you want to visit Japan!
About Me
Hajimemashite(Hello),my name is Maiko, originally from Wakayama prefecture, Japan. After high school, I studied abroad in Seattle. I finished my degree with Asian Studies of AA. Being away from home made me appreciate about my culture and tradition, so while I was at college, I created Nihon Culture Club and organized many events and programs for students to understand about true Japanese culture and tradition.
I have had many successful teaching experiences, such as substitute of Japanese teacher at the college, teacher for foreigners of Japanese companies as well as I have taught English to students and adults in Japan. I also have lots of experiences of being translator in the fields of travelling, businesses, religious teachings and publishing books.
Because I have a dream to understand what was going on in the third worlds since I was a child, I started my field experience in Vietnam when I was 19. Since then, I have spent so much time and energy to do charitable works and created my own social project for people who suffer from poverty, HIV/AIDS etc
I also practice YOGA and Tibetan Buddhims so those three, social activities, YOGA and practice of Buddhims made me a chance to visit many places all over the world. Meeting people in person is the true education to me and I believe languages are communication tools, so I recommend everyone find a reason to study language and that enthusiasm will enable you to speak like I have learned and been able to speak Vietnamese.
Long Description
Japanese is very unique and even I am native Japanese speaker it is not easy language, however I personally think it is such a beautiful language as I have never found the same value as I could have found in it after studying many different languages. There are many things I can explain only Japanese has like we have three different letters (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji) and we have so much vocabularies to describe the situations in our lives which is so far from English. Through writing, reading or conversation practices, I would be very grateful to be part of your path to reach your goal gradually. There are many materials we can use to improve Japanese languages, and it is important for you to enjoy studying Japanese so I would like to make sure every individual person’s need carefully and I want to take time the learning process together. I will make my effort to bring every lesson to be meaningful to you. Helping people is my destiny and fortunately I could have received some awards, and I’ve made a lot of speeches at schools, rotary clubs, public talks, and for newspapers and TV interviews, which I can assist you how to speak in front of people and not to become shy or panicked to speak what you learn.


South Seattle Community College


Asian Studies







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