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I am a third-year Eugene McDermott Scholar at the University of Texas at Dallas, where I am pursuing a B.S. in Physics. For the past three years, I have tutored hundreds of middle and high school students of diverse backgrounds and have observed quantitative improvements in their performance in school and on the SAT/ACT. I specialize in tutoring math and physics. I take pride in my ability to patiently and clearly explain abstract concepts, and I find joy in my students' understanding of these concepts.

My study of physics has led me to rely heavily on and clearly understand mathematical concepts. I have studied multivariable calculus, vector analysis, linear algebra, ordinary & partial differential equations, and Fourier analysis. Since many of my students go on to study these subjects in college, I present lower-level math in a way that makes the transition to the study of these more advance subjects more organic. I am a graphical learner who strives to make math as tangible and physically meaningful as possible. I therefore often ask my students to summarize their results to math problems, particularly problems that involve extensive computation. I am especially skilled in tutoring high school math and have written a workshop series on the SAT Math Test.

I am passionate about physics and have studied mechanics, electromagnetism, modern physics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, special relativity, astronomy, and cosmology. Since most students request tutoring in distress over poor academic performance, I make it my immediate goal to focus on the material over which my students will likely be tested. My long-term goal, however, is to ignite my students' sense of awe toward and capacity to wonder at the physical and mathematical world.



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