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Stephanie Mignogno

English (K-8) and High School Level English tutor

location Abington, PA
education Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
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About Stephanie

I have a Bachelors degree in Secondary English Education from Bloomsburg University. I have been teaching 8th grade English Language Arts for 1 year, 7th grade English Language Arts for two years, and taught 10th grade American Literature for one year. I also worked as a tutor at Huntington Learning Center after graduating college, and helped many students improve on their PSSA and Keystones exams.

As a teacher, I understand that reading and writing are not things that interest most young adults. I pride myself on finding ways to not only help my students improve their reading and writing skills, but also help them connect with a text in a way that is meaningful to them. I believe in making learning fun and personal for all students.

My specialty is literary analysis and helping students develop their critical thinking skills. If getting beyond the main point of a story is something you are struggling with, I am the teacher for you! Drawing conclusions, making inferences, and citing evidence to support these ideas are all things I can help with. Written literary analysis is also a very important skill for all to learn. The Text-Dependent Analysis question is large part of the PSSA and Keystone exams. Being able to read a text and find deeper meaning is a very important skill students need in all grades, and in college too. I will teach you how to not only write an exam essay, but how to organize and prewrite your ideas so when it is time to write you are ready!

Whether it is test prep, school work help, or college essays, I would love the opportunity to help toy grow as a learner!


Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania


Secondary Education English




English (K-8)
High School Level English
Essay Writing
Reading & Comprehension
Study Skills

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