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Julien Brault

Econometrics and Statistics tutor

location New York, NY
education Harvard University

About Julien

Levels : Highschool - BA - MA - Exams preparation, business schools - Help to write MA and PhD thesis

Classes and support in :

Data science,
General Culture,
International Relations,

Aid to essay writing, tutoring of research work

Hello !

--------- My profile

Former postdoctoral researcher in economics at SciencesPo, former guest lecturer at Harvard, former lecturer in research economics at SciencesPo, Polytechnique and Dauphine, former lecturer at two private preparatory schools, Prepalive and the Tocqueville Institute, and the Institute for the Studies of Administration and Management of Paris, State-qualified for university lecturing, holding a PhD from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, former research assistant at Berkeley, graduate from the Masters in Economics, speciality Financial Governance, from SciencesPo, former economist at the European Central Bank and researcher at the European Investment Bank, a PhD scholar as well as a Finance professional, I have a long experience in private classes.

----- My method

My approach to tutoring is results-driven. My method is based on a series of questions and answers, as a dialogue. I guide students into finding the answers themselves, helping out when they struggle. I try to avoid classic lecturing. I also have designed a series of learning techniques : learning by doing, series of “flashcards” to memorize, active recall, reverse-engineering of exames, tailor-made approaches and more. I adapt my classes to the progression of my students. I also advocate an empirical understanding of theoretical concepts, notably by referencing to my real-world experience in finance.

Over the last 10 years, I have taught more than 200 students privately, and accrued 2000 hours of teaching experience. Private classes allow for far more feedback than packed-up classroom. I have numerous personalized training programs, lectures, notes, which allow to nurture the knowledge of the student while preparing him efficiently.

Sessions via phone, skype or in person, follow-up via emails, 24-hours response.

Modules I've tutored at SciencesPo:

Master level courses (IREN Program)
IREN005 - Economic Research Tutoring

----- Subjects taught

I offer classes for all levels, as well as preparatory classes to enter the major universities. I have also helped numerous students write essays and research works in economics, international relations, and management, with success. I offer classes in :

-Economics (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics (albeit the mathematical part), Development)
-Econometrics : main models
-Data science
-Stata coding
-Market structures and industrial organization
-International Relations
-General culture
-European Affairs

I also offer tutoring and mentoring to help you write master’s and PhD theses, with a personalized program (“PhD coaching”) which has proved itself efficient with numerous students.

I am also available for longer-term consulting projects.

----- Availability

I am very available. Don't hesitate to contact me, we will be able to define together the best methods which will allow you to fulfill your objectives.

----- Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?

Bachelors and Masters in Economics, International Relations, Business
GCSE Economics and Business
Tutoring for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD thesis

----- Payments

VAT may apply, in which case I will inform you beforehand.

---- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

Skype, Whatsapp and offline tutoring via email. Exam papers can be emailed.

I can also arrange for group sessions, for instance for intensive training before an exam or to prepare the entry to a specific university.

----- My references

I have taught students from BAs and MAs at Cambridge, Oxford, the LSE, notably. I have helped numerous students in the writing process for their Masters’ thesis and PhD thesis.

Attention : I am authorized by my employer and the public authority to give private tuition and to do tutoring. I am however subject to an obligation of integrity and confidentiality concerning my specific activities of institutional economist, and will not communicate any information which could endanger the integrity or confidentiality of the institutions which employed or employ me. Any class or help on assignments provided by me are meant as help, and should not be handed out to a university or school as your original work. You will not be able to present my help as any kind of endorsement unless previous written agreement.

Wishing you a nice day,

Julien Brault


Harvard University








High School Level English
Essay Writing



Social Studies

U.S. History
European History
Government & Politics
Political Science
World History


Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word


Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word

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