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Janice Wang

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor

... 10 hours tutored
location Little Neck, NY
education Cornell University
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About Janice

I have just finished up my freshman year at Cornell University's School of Engineering, looking to major in Chemical Engineering and to minor in International Relations or Business in Engineering.

I've enjoyed my general immersion in academia mostly due to my love for learning, but also as a result of the incredible teachers and mentors that I've had.

Their patience, knowledge, and genuine championing for my success have driven me to work even harder and have inspired me in my pursuit for higher education. These qualities are what I try to bring to the students that I’ve tutored in school, as well as a high level of passion for the subjects that I'm teaching. I want students to have a pleasant experience learning, so I truly wish to get to know my students so that I can relate the material that they may otherwise find boring to subject matter that they might find more palatable.

I normally do this through activities, as well as creative problems and lesson plans centered around the student's interests. For instance, if my student is interested in athletics, I will write math problems about certain runners' speeds when teaching the student about rates. Or, if a student is fascinated by jewelry, I can explain the process of gold and silver plating when teaching students about redox reactions, voltaic cells and electrolytic cells.

I believe wholly in a mentoring experience, so on top of helping students with test prep and understanding the material in their classes, I'll also gladly edit college essays, give advice on how to cope with the stress of this process, and help students organize and find scholarship and research opportunities. I ultimately want to provide a safe space in order to improve students' performance as well as their confidence in their own academic abilities, and I'm willing to work with them as well as their parents with any suggestions and resources in order to help them reach their full potential.

For the past few years I have tutored students of all ages in a variety of subjects from elementary math to standardized test preparation and in a variety of settings: from people's homes to special needs classrooms to tennis courts as a coach and mentor. As different as all of these experiences may seem, I have learned that teaching is most fundamentally about a student's growth in the way that they think and a student's passion for gaining the most out of any learning experience they may have. This is what I want to impart and this is how I believe students are truly impacted.


Cornell University


Chemical Engineering




Algebra 1
Algebra 2

Test Preparation

ACT Writing
ACT Math
ACT Reading
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College Counseling
SAT Math
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ACT Writing
ACT Math
ACT Reading
ACT Science


SAT Math
SAT Reading
SAT Writing





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