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I am Hepatobiliary surgeon back in India wants to pursue a fellowship in USA. So currently i am working as an observer at Recanati /Miller Transplantation institute, Mt Sinai Hospital, Manhattan. I am currently looking for part time job opportunities in New York city just to help myself with the expenses. I stay in park slope, Brooklyn and will be free on the early morning hours, late evening & nights, even on the weekends. I can help lots of students interested in Life sciences, Basic maths & science. I am really good at foreign language Hindi in which I can be of some help in guiding someone. Ability to handle pressure, Decisiveness, Excellent Verbal Communication Skills is my USP. If given a chance I will be definitely of help interested students. Currently I have taken Step 1 & 2 of USMLE. I am good at Fine arts, formally completing its training; I use lots of picturisation, using real life objects or events to tutor. I always believe in two way interaction during classes. I encourage everyone to question. My concept is when you start questioning it means they are analyzing it more. I give them a chance to explain the topic taught. If he/she explain it back well it means they have understood it well. This helps in building a better repertoire with fellow students. Assisting peers with difficulties they may be having in the areas of transplant surgery.  Attending the daily clinics which involve detailed interaction with our patients to solve their problems in a empathizing manner gives us an upper hand when it comes to explaining difficult things.  I have taught many undergraduate students, junior residents and paramedical staff during my surgical training. A sound mind in a sound body is what today’s world need. So i give my best with all my academic credentials and life experiences to guide and motivate them and follow their dreams to attain SUCCESS.



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