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Jun Liu

Econometrics and Linear Algebra tutor

location Brooklyn, NY
education University of California - Los Angeles
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About Jun

I provide two services. The first is teaching statistics. College statistics has become a required course for students of nearly all majors in all universities, be they online or ivy league universities. This has created many challenged. Too many students with inadequate background have struggled greatly, which is aggravated by the professors' teaching style. I have taught many of these students with success. My strategy is to explain using simple and common sense language. I care about your learning success, more than anything else. I guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

Besides college statistics, I also teach advanced undergraduate and graduate statistics, including multivariate analysis, econometrics, financial mathematics, quantitative research methods, psychometry, computational statistics, and data sciences. I am familiar with nearly all statistics-related software: R, SAS, SPSS, STATA, Minitab, Excel, JMP and Tableau. Statistics is one of the basis that supports the emergence of big-data industry. There are a lot of high paying job. If you have any difficulty in your course, please let me know.

I provide statistical consulting and support service for projects, dissertation/thesis, peer-reviewed paper, and ad hoc analysis.

I have more than 10 years of research and publication experience. My degrees include Master of Statistics and PhD from top US universities. I am proficient with most of the statistical test and modeling techniques, using R, SAS, Stata, SPSS, JMP, Minitab, Mplus, and Excel.

I also provide statistics consulting support for commercial project, thesis/dissertation research, and ad hoc analysis. Examples of previous projects:
. Screening of predictive models for shipping charge for an auditing firm to find out irregularity in the payment pattern (Random forest algorithm winner).
. Logistic regression analysis of donation data of a major university to predict likelihood of donation by potential donors.
. Survey data analysis of internal consistency using Cronbach alpha, of uni-dimensionality using factor analysis, of factors affecting outcome using Chi square test, and regression.
. Market data analysis for customer segmentation, customer decision process and price preference using K means analysis, choice modeling, conjoint analysis.
. Systemic review of biomedical research results using meta analysis to elucidate risk factors for the safety of the medical procedure.

About my teaching experience:
I have more than w0 years of teaching experience in various institutions in the United States and China. My teaching experience started in 1993 when I was an instructor in Shandong University, a top 10 in China. I taught biochemistry full-time for 3 years to undergraduate and graduate students. I enjoyed the experience interacting with students. From 1996 and 2003, I was a PhD student at the University of Missouri. I taught biochemistry 1094 as a teaching assistant. Due to my teaching excellence, I was awarded Donald K. Anderson Teaching Award in 1999 by my department. From 2009 to 2014, I was a Master of Statistics/MBA student at UCLA. I taught many sessions of Statistics 102c (Intro to Monte Carlo Simulation) and Life Science 3 (Intro Mol Biol) to undergraduate students. I went through the formal teaching training program at UCLA. At the end of my teaching, I often got excellent reviews . Here are the selected quotations from the students in their teaching evaluation: “Jun was a wonderful T.A. in that he was invested in our class and helping us learn the material. He was well-prepared for each discussion class and presented the material well.” and “He is so into it and plus so kind. He has been very nice to everybody.” I have listed under and I have been getting 100% 5-star rating from my student.

About my teaching experience:
I have 20 years of research experience spanning biomedical science and financial economics. I have published many articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. I am familiar with the Western peer review publication system. I have also done many real-life commercial predictive analytics projects. My strength is that I am both a statistician and a subject area expert.


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University of California - Los Angeles


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