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I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and have considerable experience working with students and colleagues of varying ages. I worked as a Writing Tutor for three years during college and I was a Teaching Assistant during my final semester. Since graduating, I have worked with colleagues to review graduate applications, edit graduate-level papers, and create and revise training documents. I currently work as a Marketing Associate and Junior Editor with Brink Literary Project, a non-profit literary organization, and its associated literary magazine, F(r)iction.

While my specialty is in essay and creative writing, I also have experience working with ESL students. Within the last year, I completed a 200+ hour TEFL/TESOL certification course and accepted a four-month teaching assignment in China. During the practicum period and in my classroom experience, I worked with a wide variety of students, ranging from 4 years of age, to 40.

My goal when I'm working with someone is to understand what they need, whether that's a sounding board, a second set of eyes, or a guide. I have learned to be flexible in my tutoring or teaching styles, and I can tailor my style to suit your needs. So, if you need someone who is more hands-on and will work with you on each stage of your project, or if you simply need someone to give your essay a once-over and point out potential areas that could be strengthened, you've come to the right person.



University of Maine at Farmington

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